Innokin iSub Review: An Affordable Sub-Ohm Tank

Thanks to more and more powerful box mods, we can now enjoy bigger and thicker clouds of vapor than ever before. To be able to do that without any hindrance, a good sub-ohm tank is a must. Thankfully, these have been popping up in the market like mushrooms after rain, and now also Innokin, the well-known and trusted Chinese manufacturer, has got into the sub-ohm tank game, and we are very proud to review the Innokin iSub clearomizer.

Innokin iSub Review

Looks & Design

When we first opened the packaging and saw the iSub, the first thing that came in our minds was that the design of this clearomizer is somewhat unpleasant to the eye. It comes in 4 different colors for the polycarbonate tank ’ clear, grey, pink and blue, and we got the latter one, so maybe we just weren’t accustomed to a clearomizer in such a color. But, honestly, we now think differently ’ the design aesthethics of the iSub are actually quite innovative and modern, some vapers might just not be used to something like this.

The airflow slots are quite large, and we had not seen anything like this from Innokin before. The mouthpiece is also something new, and all these things together make the whole experience with this product different. And that’s not a bad thing. However, we still are not quite sure why did Innokin chose a polycarbonate tank for a subohm clearomizer like this instead of a glass one.

Our Innokin iSub came together with two 0.5 ohm coils in the packaging.

Functionality & Performance

After performing a visual inspection of this new little beast, we quickly filled the iSub up and attached it to an MVP 3.0 set at 25 watts. And, from this point on, our first impression changed completely ’ the cloud of vapor it produced simply enchanted us.

We used a 70% VG juice at first, and felt no wicking issues at all. The flavor, though, was somewhat different ’ clearer and stronger ’ than vaping the same juice on other popular Innokin clearomizers. This, most probably, is due to the Japanese organic cotton which is used as wicking material in the iSub, which is an excellent step forward for Innokin. We also tried out different wattage settings, as well as different e-liquids, and the performance was always outstanding. We experienced no leaking, gurgling and even no dry hits, although while vaping on power settings higher than the recommended 20-35 watt range, the vapor was getting too hot to handle.

Another interesting feature is the “No-Spill Coil Swap System”. It works just like promised ’ to change the coil, all you need to do is tilt the tank upside down, unscrew the bottom base of it, and easily replace the coil with a new one. That’s right ’ no more spilling of your e-liquid! This is definitely a major selling point, and we would like to see Innokin come up with more new clearomizers featuring this system.

The airflow system also works great ’ the flow is adjustable with ease, and it sure makes us add a point to our overall satisfaction using this device.

Final Thoughts

From the design standpoint, the iSub might probably not be satisfying enough for some. However, technically, this is one impressive clearomizer for very pleasant subohm vaping. Thanks to the No-Spill Coil Swap System, the maintenance is also easy, and we are also sure that these coils last quite long. Wrapping it all up, the ‘price to vapor production’ ratio is simply great for this beast, although the lack of an RBA deck might be a dealbreaker for some vapers who are eager to take a peek into the world of rebuildables.

Also, please remember that the iSub is quite a serious clearomizer, so make sure that your mod is powerful enough to fire its sub-ohm coils.

Features & Specification

  • No-Spill Coil Swap System
  • 0.5 ohm coils (recommended for vaping from 20w to 35w) made with Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Stainless steel widebore drip tip
  • 4 ml capacity
  • 12 mm x 3 mm dual adjustable airflow slots
  • Made of stainless steel and German made polycarbonate
  • 22 mm in diameter

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