Best Online Vape Stores and Shops (USA & International)

In recent years, vaping has emerged as a fast growing trend that has taken the world by storm. The history of vaping can be traced far back in history. It is only recently that vaping has become part of a new culture and spun off into vape bars, communities, and groups so it’s even harder to find the Best Online Vapor Store and Shops.

If you have decided to join in the fun and get your first vape kit, you may be confused about finding the best vape deal online. With so many websites claiming to offer the best deals, it can be quite hard to find one which actually offers a deal worth the money. Moreover, there often aren’t many reviews for a lot of these best online vapor stores so you may be apprehensive about spending your hard earned money there.

Finding the right first vape kit takes a lot of research. If you expect the search to be easy, think again. A lot about selecting the right vape kit depends on your personal preferences such as taste, frequency of use, and capacity. Another important factor to keep in mind is your location. Not all online stores deliver internationally, and for those that do, you may find yourself paying an additional delivery fee.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of best online vapor store and shops that we think will help you find the perfect choice of vape kits and other supplies. Our list is based on different criteria such as:

  • The ready availability of products in stock
  • Competitive pricing
  • Online reviews from different users
  • Shipping and payment methods
  • Customer service, and more.

Read on to find our pick of the best online vapor stores (USA and International)


best online vape shopsDirect Vapor

Country of origin: USA

Direct Vapor has been in this industry for a long time; since the beginning, really. It has master wholesale distribution agreements in place with the most important and reliable vape manufacturers in the world. As they get the best price from these manufacturers, they can offer you some real bargain deals. Either Direct Vapor is a part of International Vapor Group in which you can find also, for example, well know US made vape brand VaporFi. But let’s get to Pros and Cons of Direct Vapor:

Pros Cons Neutral
FREE shipping without minimum order amount (US only) Expensive international shipping No guest checkout
Bargain prices No PayPal checkout No live chat
Trustable and well known 60 days warranty
Hot Deals every week 15 days return
Wide range of products
Wordwide shipping
Great Customer service
No Clones

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best online vape shopsVaporDNA

Country of Origin: USA

VaporDNA is the first and the only vape company that has earned the excellence award from BizRate in 2016, a distinction earned by retailers who go above and beyond the norm to provide exceptional service to their online customers. Retailers gaining this honor have gotten client rating scores that are essentially higher than normal crosswise over seven key fulfillment markers.

VaporDNA was founded in 2013 and from that time it’s definitely one of the leading online vape shop. If you are looking for any electronic cigarette, mods, tanks, e-juice or vape accessories, turn to these guys. And as it’s written above, they offer outstanding Customer service and it’s not just a promise. Let’s take a closer look what they offer:

Pros Cons Neutral
Massive range of products Shipping isn’t for free under $49 US FREE shipping over $49 with USPS
Outstanding Customer Service (BizRate reward) No PayPal checkout International FREE shipping over $199 with DHL
10% discount for newsletter subscribers  Possible to get in touch only via email
International shipping
Accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover


best online vape shopsMyFreedomSmokes

Country of origin: USA

Founded already in 2008 in Charlotte, NC. MyFreedomSmokes strive to provide vapes for experienced and non-experienced vapers. They also has physical vape store which is not so often seen phenomenon among online vape shops. So if you are close to Charlotte don’t miss the chance and visit them. As MyFreedomSmokes were founded in 2008 it’s a very popular vape shop among the vapers. But let’s take a closer look why it’s successfully working for at least 10 years:

Pros Cons Neutral
Impressive range of products Complex & somehow unfriendly warranty & returns policy E-liquid is non-refundable item
Hot Deals, Coupons and Clearance deals Quite expensive international shipping No Live Chat
Wholesale program No Guest checkout Without special offers prices might not be the lowest ones
Loyality Rewards Program
FREE US Shipping over $75 (USPS or FedEx)
Great website
International shipping
Can be reached via email, phone or contact form
Friendly Customer service

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Best and Most Trustable Online Vape ShopsElement Vape

Country of origin: Unknown

Founded in 2013, Element Vape is a progressive retail online vape store in the electronic cigarette industry. Their logic is to give customers more than what they pay for. With an uncompromising drive to surpass desires, they are resolved to enable clients to encounter the most ideal shopping knowledge. In very short period of time Element Vape became popular among the vapers. They offer wide range of vape products, premium e-juices and Customer service for Outlet prices.

Pros Cons Neutral
FREE US shipping over $50 No PayPal checkout Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Check for Coupons on footer Can’t find any details about  legal status of the company Customer support via phone or email
Huge inventory
Outlet prices
According to many reviews: Responsive and friendly Customer support
Popular among the vapers
Rewards program
International shipping

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best online vape shopsVapor Beast

Country of origin: USA

Founded in January 2012 at Carlsbad California Vapor Beast is one of the leading online vape shop in vaping industry. Vapor Beast is among the fastest growing e-commerce companies in US that focus on development, sales and distribution of Smoke Free Technology. Vapor Beast offer really wide range of e-juices as well as other vape products. But enough to talk, let’s take a closer look.

This is the Vapor Beast team:

Best Online Vapor Store

And here are Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons Neutral
FREE US shipping for all orders over $35 No PayPal checkout Customer support via email and phone
Great daily deals Expensive international shipping Warranty & return policy 30 days after delivery
Remarkable range of products
Many unique products / accessories
Different payment options
Guest checkout
Great UI for website
Trustful and well know among vapers!

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best online vape shopsMount Baker Vapor

Country of origin: USA

Founded in 2011 by James Thompson and Jesse Webb Mount Baker Vapor has grown as very respectable online vape shop among vapers.

Mt Baker Vapor has made some amazing progress from its modest beginnings in the custom made lab of a Bellingham, WA flat.

As you might already notice, this one of the best online vapor store which offer wide range of products for competitive pricing. They already have 167K reviews with score 4.5 stars out of 5 – great results. So let’s look on Pros and Cons of this online vape shop:

Pros Cons Neutral
FREE US shipping on orders over $50 Not too big stock of products Customer support via email and phone
They produce their own e-juice Expensive international shipping
Prices are good
They have physical
retail stores in Arizona, Arkansas and Washington
Mobile app
Fancy website
Loyality program
Guest checkout

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best online vape shops101 Vape

Country of origin: USA

101 Vape among the vapers is one of the most popular best online vapor store. 101 Vape are very proud to announce, that their business is US owned & operated. This is also one of the rare online vape shops that offer checkout with Bitcoin: either you win or lose. As almost all best online vapor stores on the list, 101 Vape also provide wide range of vape products (mods, tanks, starter kits, e-juices and accessories). So let’s take a closer look why US citizen can be proud of it:

Pros Cons Neutral
US owned & operated No PayPal checkout FREE USPS US shipping over $75
Product range Expensive international shipping Can be reached via phone or e-mail
Great Customer service
Amazing discounts
International shipping

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best online vape shops

Country of origin: USA

If we compare with other best online vapor stores on the list then Vape NW is definitely the newest only as it was founded in 2014 in Tukwila. Despite of that they gained huge popularity among the new and advanced vapers. On the list this is the only vape shops that offer Herb vaporizers. So if you want some, you can get it at Vape NW. We are very impressed about their stock and page design – great work done there. But let’s analyze the big picture:

Pros Cons Neutral
FREE US shipping over $50 Accept only Master and Visa cards E-mail and phone support
Impressive range of products
Hot sales deals
Prices will not hurt your pockets
Amazing page design
International shipping


Best Online Vapor StoreHalo Cigs

Country of origin: USA

Ask to any vaper what is Halo Cigs and he will know about what you are talking. This is amazing best online vapor store from USA, Florida which was launched already in 2009. The same as Mt. Baker Vapor Halo Cigs also offer their produced e-juice. This shop is like a heaven for every single vaper – you can simple get there everything. But, enough to dream and let’s get to the point:

Pros Cons Neutral
Trully great vape shop No PayPal checkout FREE US shipping over $75
Self-made e-juice International shipping might cost Live chat, phone and e-mail support
30-day money back satisfaction guarantee on most hardware
Very popular among the vapers
Wide range of products
Budle packs
International shipping
Live chat

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best online vape shopsGearBest

Country of Origin: China

GearBest is one of the most popular e-shop in USA. You can find plenty of products there, especially, all kind of vape products: mods, tanks, e-juice etc. If you can’t find some recently released vape mod or tank – this is the right place where to look for. And, they offer really, really great pricing. GearBest will definitely not let you down if you are willing to wait for a longer shipping time. But let’s take a closer look to details:

Pros Cons Neutral
Really impressive pricing Cost of International shipping Customer support via e-mail or phone
Remarkable range of products Warranty & return policy 30 days after delivery
Many unique products / accessories
Different payment options
Guest checkout
Well known and trustable

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best online vape shopsFasttech

Country of Origin: China

Everyone in vape community knows Fasttech. Currently I don’t know any cheaper vape shop than Fasttech. It offer wide range of products for really amazing prices. If you really want to save some money, go for Fasttech. But please before order take into account:

Pros Cons Neutral
Wide range of products (mods, tanks and accessories) If you are not willing to pay extra shipping might take some longer time No Live chat
Very low prices, probably the lowest ones A lot of Clones: Avoid “Styled” vapes Search console find only 1 word
FREE Wordwide shipping Not big choice of ejuice

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3F Vapebest online vape shops

Country of origin: China

3FVape is a professional e-cigarette online store. Operating in Shenzhen, China, they are integrated seamlessly with the earth’s electronic cigarette manufacturing center. Devoted to bring you the latest e-cig and accessories at factory direct price. Basically, if you are looking some Chinese online vape outlet similar as Fasttech, definitely visit 3FVape. They have huge range of mods, tanks, drip-tips and accessories.

Pros Cons Neutral
Prices will save your money Shipping might take some longer time No Live chat
Very impressive range of products (excl. e-juice) Avoid “Styled” products Items returnable in 45 calendar days from delivery date
Newest & hottest products always available Customer support could respond a little bit quicker
Free international shipping
Guest checkout
Accept different kind of payment methods

SHOP NOW at 3FVape!

Remember that the views expressed above may not necessarily reflect the customer experience we had, so make sure you do your own research. You should be especially careful about two things:

a) do they deliver where you live and

b) will they be able to process your payment through your card or other means.


With so many online shops offering vape kits and other vaping supplies, we understand it can quickly become overwhelming for someone to make the right choice and find best online vapor store. That is why we have made this guide as up to date and accurate as possible, and included a thorough overview of what customers like and dislike about each vendor. You will find that several other reputable review sites, such as, also have high opinions of many of these vendors.
If you would like to add a store to our list of best online vapor store and shops, or want to share your experience (good or bad) with any of the stores above, feel free to comment below.
Don’t forget to let us know which your favorite online store is and what makes them your top choice.

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