Washington State: Act Now To Stop A 60% Vape Tax!

The Washington House of Representatives is considering a tax on Vapor-based products that could paralyze or kill most Vape locomotives and e-liquid manufacturers in the state. The CASAA issued a call to action and asked all business owners to Vape and decorate Washington to immediately contact their civil servants. The CASAA online system allows you to send messages directly to your representative in less than a minute.

The law will be negotiated in the capital Thursday. It is important for lawmakers to listen to their constituents immediately.

The new law would tax Vaping products at 60% of the wholesale cost and, as the overwhelming Pennsylvania tax approved in 2016, include a “floor tax”.

This means that at the time of the entry into force of the tax, Vape stores must pay the full tax on all products on the shelves.

The Pennsylvania tax was 40%, and more than half of the state’s more than 200 state-owned Vape stores were shut down after approval. The Washington tax is even worse. In addition to the manufacturers’ wholesale purchases, all online purchases by regular consumers are taxed at 60%.

For several years, the Washington Vapers have been fighting tax proposals. But this time, the tax is linked to the popular tobacco legislation. The authors of HB 2165 admit that they need money from smokeless products to offset the income the state will lose among smokers. 18 to 20 years old.

Earlier tax dangers have helped well-known Vape companies in Washington State leave or close the state. In 2015, E-liquids giant Mt. Baker Vapor moved out of Washington, Arizona. And last year, ProVape, the pioneer was shut down forever.

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