5 Reasons Why Nasty Juice is Malaysia’s Most Famous E-liquid

Don`t be alarmed by the name. Nasty juice is a top e-juice of Malaysia which is specially designed to give rich and fruity vaping experience in order to make vaping a very smooth experience. Nasty Juice is very popular in Malaysia. Its enticing flavors and exceptional work on the bottles have attracted many vapers and won their hearts in a very short period. Today it’s a noticeable juice brand around the globe. Here are 5 reasons why Nasty Juice is Malaysia`s most famous E-liquid:

  1. Full of Flavor

Nasty juice comes in a variety of flavors. Each bottle is full of scrumptious flavors just waiting to erupt in your mouth to give you a new experience that you have never experienced before.  Some nasty juice flavors are Nasty Juice Cush Man Mango Banana, Nasty Juice Bad Blood (Blackcurrant), Nasty Juice Wicked Haze (Blackcurrant + Lemonade) etc.

  1. Malaysia is more active in the vape industry

One of the countries in Asia, which is energetic in the vape industry, is Malaysia. Malaysia has also been labeled as “Asia`s vaping wonderland”. As it’s very popular the locals have indulged in the brewing business, forming interesting, fun and flavorful e-juices. Some Malaysian brewers have reached the international market even and they are regarded as the best sellers.

  1. Malaysians like inventing

Rather than using the traditional juices like the rest of the world, Malaysians made their very own nasty juices which are not bad at all. In fact, they are liked all over the world due to their unique flavors which might seem odd at the beginning but once you get used to them you will fall in love with them.

  1. A wide variety of nasty juices

The range of nasty juices is very extensive. Flavors include fruits like mango, strawberry as well as desserts such as coffee, vanilla custard etc. Some unique flavors are also there like Nasty Berry Broski Berry (Berries Fusion) and Nasty Juice Ballin Series Hippie Trail (Lemon and Sweet Lime Soda).

  1. Vaping costs less than smoking

Smoking is a pretty expensive habit but if that is replaced by vaping then you can surely save money. Nasty juices are also sold at reasonable prices so you can vape with juices that not only taste good but also less expensive.

If you can’t decide which nasty juice to buy then visit for reviews of different nasty juices which will surely help you make your decision.

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