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The perfect alternative for those who are trying to lean off of cigarettes, Myle vape juices are definitely a reward for taking little steps at a time. These pod’s have 4 different flavors and 3 categories such as fruit, menthol, and tobacco. A little something for everybody which specific taste in ejuices and is made specifically for the Myle Device Pod System.

Each pod contains an amount of 5% salt nic, which is more than enough to satisfy your needs, and holds about 0.9mL of liquid. Depending on how much you take in a day these can last you quite a while and save you a good chunk of well earned cash throughout the period of time rather than buying a pack of cigarettes every couple of times a week or month.

The flavors provide a wonderful sense of smell and flavor compared to having that harsh smell of cigarettes trailing along your clothes, breath, and sometimes even your hair. You can smoke and enjoy either a sweet fruit based juice on the inhale or a nice bold minty mentholated with a ice cold cloud of light vapor. If you’re the type that prefers to stick to a  tobacco flavor but disagrees with the amount of chemicals that comes in one single cigarette than we have a sweet creamy tobacco type of flavor that gives you a smooth milky hit.

Salt Nic vs Cigarettes

Myle Salt Nic Ingredients

  1. Synthetic Nicotine
  2. Benzoic Acid: Food Based
  3. Propylene Glycol: Food Based
  4. Vegetable Glycerin: Food Based

No benzoic acid is not harmful to the human body but if taking in a ridiculous amount of course can be harmful. (A 141 lb man can handle over 50gms)

Since the synthetic nic has a low alkalinity because of the chemical reaction of the benzoic acid makes it safe to smoke at 50mg with a nice smooth hit. The salt nic is designed to absorb faster into your body comparing it to regular vape juice and cigarettes.

It’s safe to smoke (NOT IN A SUB OHM TANK) only at low wattages and it only takes a few hits to get where you need to be.

Cigarette Ingredients (prepare yourself)

  1. Nicotine
  2. Tar: Cancer causing chemical
  3. Carbon Monoxide: Gas
  4. Arsenic: Used as a pesticide on tobacco farms and can be found in rat poison
  5. Ammonia: Found in cleaning products
  6. Toluene: Used in rubber, detergent, etc.
  7. Acetone: Used as solvent like nail polish remover
  8. Methylamine: Found in tanning lotion
  9. Pesticides: Don’t need to explain anything here
  10. Polonium-210: Radioactive element
  11. Methanol: Fuel

These probably aren’t included in every cigarette but it doesn’t change the fact that the things they put into your everyday habit is definitely not safe to smoke.

Plus there’s no deliciousness going on with whatever you’re consuming if you do a comparison to salt nicotine juices to where you have actual flavor and less chemicals being added into your bloodstream.

So in all seriousness investing into this amazing way of smoking is safer, cheaper, and in all words life changing. Check out our selection of flavors and give the Myle pods an opportunity to make a difference to your health and lifestyle.

Myle Vape Pods Flavor Review

Myle Cubano

 Myle Vapor ReviewCubano is a Cuban based tobacco plant which is described as a “Fine wine” type of flavor, fine wines typically have a fruity bitter taste to it so this vape juice contains a beautiful blend of a Cuban with a nice smooth vanilla cream filled hit. Deluge your taste buds in the sweet sensation of tobacco on the inhale and a dense milky flow of vanilla cream on the exhale creating one gentle pull that’s easy on the tongue and lungs.

Myle Lush Ice

For the fruity menthol lovers out there Lush Ice is perfect combination of fruit and menthol. This juice has the bold but light flavor of the infamous juicy watermelon with a winter like sheet of menthol that compliments the sweet taste of watermelon making it almost similar to a watermelon that came first thing out the fridge. Drench your tongue in the mouthwatering flavor of watermelon on the inhale, while having that nice cooling effect of the menthol on the exhale making it one “Lush” intense flavor. Who doesn’t like cold fruit?

Myle Mighty Mint

Myle Vapor ReviewIs it just me or is it getting cold in here? All hail to the Mighty Mint making it the king and titan of all the mentholated flavored pods. Just imagine that drooling intensity of popping a piece of minty fresh gum and those first couple of chews which completely indulges your entire mouth in sweet iciness or a divine glass of iced peppermint/spearmint tea. The mighty mint brings all in that all in one single hit, experience the sweet mint on the inhale dancing along your taste buds and the chilly arctic breeze escaping on the exhale.

Myle Summer Strawberry

Myle Vapor ReviewSweet succulent strawberries out on the loose! Summer Strawberry did not hold back on the heavenly intake of delectable strawberries all packed in one pod. This honeyed fruit like juice truly gives you that summer feel of sitting outside on your porch and enjoying a plate of freshly farmed strawberries with a side of sugar to dip those babies in. Really take in the delicious flavor of strawberries coating your tongue in nothing but sweet fruity goodness on the inhale, while the batch of strawberries glide above your tongue on the exhale making one heck of a punch of flavor.

Myle Tropical Mango

Myle Vapor ReviewTropical Mango is a solid nectarious based juice that includes strictly mango and it’s fresh authentic flavor that really has your mouth watering for more. The unique fruit provides a blast of luscious sappy juice which Myle Vapor’s lab really took their time crafting this juice to be exactly on point towards the similarity in flavor. Expect a distinct taste of natural ripened mango on the inhale, and the silk like vapor with a sweet aroma soaked in juicy mango on the exhale.

Salt Nicotine Juice are specifically designed for heavy smokers who take in a huge amount of nicotine. These pods carry a reasonable amount of both nicotine and salt vape juice.

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