Eight Rookie Vaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Some might argue that vaping is more of an art than a science, but that doesn’t mean certain strategies and protocols can’t enhance your experience with the hobby. Newbie vapers often approach the vape with blind enthusiasm, not taking the time to learn how to vape, how to maintain their vapes and accessories or how to use the vape to taper off regular cigarettes.

But these devices are complex, and vaping like a pro takes a bit of practice, so it helps if you go into it with a little bit of info on the basics. Read about some of our rookie vaping mistakes to avoid, and you’ll get off on the right foot with your new vape device.

  1. Not Learning How to Vape —Ask any longtime smoker if they know how to vape, and they’d most assuredly be offended that you even asked. The truth is that vaping is intuitive, especially for people who have smoked before, and the last thing we’d want to do is cast it as something that’s difficult to master. With that said, you can’t simply pick up any old vape device and smoke it in the same way you’d smoke a cigarette. You want to learn the proper way to vape and master the different types of hits so that you don’t cough or have an overall bad experience with vaping.
  2. Cutting Corners on a Vape Device — First-timers: It’s totally fine to go to the convenience store and grab one of those disposable e-cigarettes off the shelf just to see what vaping’s all about. But if you want to keep your vape as part of the daily rotation, it’s best to invest in a high-quality vape. A rechargeable device is much more customizable, since you can often swap out the vape tank, battery and other parts as well as change up the e-juice. What’s more, the parts and components are usually much safer and of higher quality. While you may spend more up-front for a solid vape, it will save you in the long run by not having to constantly replace parts.
  3. Going for Low-Quality E-Juice — Quality is key with vaping. You simply don’t want to skimp when you’re deciding what to put in your body, especially if you’re using vaping to wean off tobacco. Low-quality e-liquids may save you some dough, but they’re not good for you in the long-run, as they’re often made with questionable additives and extras. They can also damage your device when used consistently. The best part about going for the artisanal e-juice is that the flavor is often much more realistic and all-around better. Trust us, it’s worth it to invest in the good stuff.
  4. Not Following Proper Storage Protocol — Vapes are complex devices, and a small thing like storing them in the wrong environment can negatively impact their internal components. The best thing you can do is store your vape and fragile accessories in a cool, dry environment. When traveling, store it in a protective, zippered pouch that helps keep it safe from drops and nicks, and always make sure it’s not activated when it’s not being used.

Rookie Vaping Mistakes

  1. Not Cleaning Your Vape Often Enough —Keeping your vape clean is important for two main reasons. First, it helps ensure that every puff you take is pure, flavorful and enjoyable, as a dirty vape retains e-liquid deposits that cloud the flavoring and make it taste burnt or stale. The second reason keeping your vape clean is vital is because dirty and taxed components can negatively affect the way your device performs. The good news is that cleaning your vape is relatively easy, and a quick rinse every couple of weeks is usually sufficient.
  2. Vaping Like a Smoker — Many vapers take up the hobby so that they can wean off regular smoking — and good for them! While vaping can act as a fantastic stand-in for the traditional puff, it’s not a carbon copy. Tobacco smokers need to learn how to vape like a vaper instead of a smoker. Rather than taking short, quick puffs, vapers get the most out of their experience when they take longer, slower hits. It takes a little bit of experimentation, but once you master it, it will feel like second nature.
  3. Taking Dry Hits —No one likes dry hits. For newbies, a dry hit is the gross sensation of hitting your vape when it’s low on e-juice, which creates a disgusting taste and the experience of a “dry” puff. Though it does happen to all rookies, there are some strategies you should know to avoid it happening too regularly. Make sure you always have some backup e-liquid on hand so that you can refill your tank before the dreaded dry hit strikes.
  4. Not Upgrading When Parts Are Too Old —We can’t stress this enough: Do not ignore leaks, cracks, breaks, burnt flavors or weak hits. When your vape isn’t operating at its best, you’ll be able to see these telltale signs immediately. Often, the fix is simple — like swapping out your coil for a fresh new one or upgrading to a better tank — and not addressing the issue will only worsen your circumstances over time. A good-quality vape is an investment and one that requires periodic tune-ups. With a bit of routine maintenance, you can be sure that every puff is an enjoyable one.

Rookie Vaping Mistakes

Getting Started with Vaping

Our best piece of advice for new vapers is the same as it is for all other hobbies: turn to the pros. Vaping is a relatively new “sport” that’s ever-changing and rapidly growing, so you can take comfort in knowing that many people are newbies just like you. In the same vein, those of us who have been vaping for years are always delighted to help rookies along the way, whether it be with upgrading their devices or learning cool new tricks. Never be afraid to ask for advice!

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