Top Vaping Organizations Which Stand For Vaping!

In an inspirational show of unity, four major national Vape defense organizations have joined forces to support the recently introduced HR 1136 bill, the FDA Authority’s 2017 Assessment Clarification Act, recently presented by agents Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Sanford Bishop of Georgia.

Supporters of the (CASAA), the American Vaping Association (AVA), the Association of Vape Technology (AVT) and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) have a joint letter to the president, Paul Ryan. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi to ask for support for the bill. The letter is signed by the leaders of the four groups.

CASAA (Association of Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives)

Vaping OrganizationIts mission is “to ensure the availability of effective, affordable and less harmful alternatives to smoking”, mainly through public awareness and education. It is a consumer-oriented organization, which means that everyone is welcome to join us, share their stories and participate in calls to action by contacting legislators and other regulators. Check them if you have never heard of them.

SFATA (Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association)

Vaping OrganizationSFATA members are switching companies from independent vapour stores to large corporations. This partnership aims to provide a structure for key industry standards, high-quality manufacturing practices and scientific research in this sector. The organization has also worked overtime, responding to misguided stories, distorted research, and blatant industrial attacks that are not based on real scientific facts.

ECIG (Electronic Cigarette Industry Group)

501c6 non-profit association of consumers, manufacturers, importers and distributors of electronic cigarettes. This group believes that it has a duty to provide unbiased information on e-cigarettes and to provide forums for members and state and federal agencies to serve as a platform for public health, regulatory and public health discussions. industrial problems.

Fate of The Vape Industry

The letter explains the fate of the Vape industry, Vapors and millions of American smokers who have no alternatives if FDA regulations remain in force. If Congress does not take action, all Vape products coming onto the market after February 15, 2007, will have to undergo a costly application process to remain available for sale.

HR 1136 modifies the pre-dated date from 2007 to 8 August 2016. This may allow existing products to remain in the market. This would not prevent the FDA from regulating existing products for safety reasons, as nicotine activists often complain incorrectly.

If FDA regulations are allowed, small and medium-sized retailers and Vape producers in the United States will close down, resulting in consumers having to fight every day without having access to those alternatives that can alter their lives save lives on e-cigarettes. While not intending to resolve any issues with FDA regulation, the 2017 FDA Authority Clarification Act is important to correct the erroneous approach of FDA regulation of the first-stage Vape industry.

The bill currently has 10 co-sponsors (Members of the House of Representatives have agreed to support them). It is important that it receives additional support to ensure a good transition in Parliament. Vapers will play an important role in approving this legislation. It is important that we communicate with our congressmen and ask them to support and support HR 1136.

CASAA has updated the page so that all interested parties can simply email their US representatives. There is a previously written letter that can be sent without any effort. Better yet, the Vapers and their families can personalize the letter to include their own stories. Explain how Vaping helped them or someone they know.

In addition to sending an e-mail, a telephone call and a letter to the representative’s office can have a significant impact. When calling, tell the respondent that RH 1136 is important to your health and ask your representative to support and sponsor the bill. The operator will not discuss or discuss the details. They take note of their position and forward it to employees who discuss with the Congressman on a daily basis.

In addition, business owners can tell their room members that they represent hundreds (or thousands) of customers, that they also contribute to the local economy and tax base, and that they are employing their constituents.

The Vapors have a passion for this product. We know it will save millions of lives. We have to unite our passion and turn it into action. We have to act and ask for help from our family and friends. Call, write a letter, send an e-mail. Inform the Congress to save this lifesaving technology.

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