Why Vaping Tastes Like Metal or Bad?

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular lately, mainly due to the fact that you can buy different flavours to get the taste you like the most. However, it is possible that electronic cigarettes stop well. Some e-cigs even have a burnt or metallic flavour when Vaping.

The metallic taste is almost certainly because of the coil and the wick in the head.

If it is metal and hard when beaten, there is a hot spot on the coil where the wire is not enough juice soaked. Try to pull its head without knurling the container or the shaft on the entire coil, just screw head into the base and move the rod. Turn on the device with little-wet strands and see if one of the coils is turned on in front of the other, you will be able to remove the taste. If you see a hot spot, push the coil or wrap around that point and see if it disappears.


These are some of the possible reasons why your e-cigarette can stop trying properly and how to fix it.

  1. The e-liquid could be the problem for your tasteless cig if you do not receive your e-liquid from an accredited provider.
  2. However, the most common reason an e-cig starts to be tested or burned metal through electronic cigarette supplies.
  3. If you use a new atomizer and start to experience an unpleasant taste, the culprit is likely to be the manufacture or processing of waste.
  4. These residues can be a coating, machine oil, adhesive residue and coatings on the wick silica fibres. E-liquid can be absorbed if your electronic consumables contain too much waste.
  5. The way to get rid of the best and safest of this aftertaste without getting rid of or damaging part of your e-cig is to inhale your E-cig several times. This will burn the garbage and the bad taste will soon disappear.
  6. You can also remove excess primer by blowing air through the bottom and top of the cartomizer by rinsing with alcohol and blowing again.
  7. If you have a burnt taste, there are two common causes of this, be it a dry wick or dirt build up in the coil of the atomizer.
  8. It is common when an electronic cigarette experience to use a light burnt taste when the e-liquid is depleted. If you continue Vaping without replacing the e-liquid, then your cartomizer will be ruined and you will have to buy a new cartridge.
  9. Another cause of this burnt taste could be if you use e-liquid based vegetables. Your roll can be covered with debris fairly quickly, and if it keeps burning it will continue to melt. Fortunately, a simple rinse will remove most of the dirt.
  10. Dry Coil Vaping – place the top of the coil and leave one of the “flavored wicks” (there are usually two strands on the top of the coil that are not inside the coil). Place it and try it out. Most of the time this solves the improvements without increasing the gurgling or licking.
  11. Your juice? I do not know what juice you use (and probably I have not even tried it), but I had some experience with some juice brands that have a strange metallic taste. When this happened, I tried another brand with the same basic taste, then I learned to love it.


If you still have problems with your electronic cigarette, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer or retail shop if you have any questions.

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