Check 10 Tips How to STOP Vape Tank from Leaking

There is nothing annoying more than a leaking tank. Most of us have experienced this moment when we realized our first e-juice realized from the tank, all from the mod into its surrounding areas. It has happened to most of us, but some do not seem to stop the leak. But you don’t have to be worry because there are a number of ways to get rid of this problem. Listed below are our top 10 easy solutions to stop the leakage of your tank.

How to STOP Vape Tank from Leaking?

1. Keep Tank Vertical

Some tanks are not designed to handle the horizontal positions for a longer period of time, and you can find the juice that drains through the airflow holes when you leave it all night. Try to keep your vaping kit positioned vertically when you are not using for extended time period. When you recharge at the night then remove the tank and leave your mod upright.

How to stop tank from leaking

2.Close the Airflow when You Fill the E-juice

If your airflow is at its lowest level then the amount of air entering the tank would be limited which means that you need more powerful inhalations. If you do this too hard, you can put too much e-liquid in the coil of an atomizer that causes flooding and leakage. Opening the airflow to a wide setting will allow more air through the nozzle to prevent leakage.

How to stop tank from leaking

3. Problem With Coils

As with most products manufactured in series, there will always be some failures. It happens very often because the figures come from Chinese factories. In some cases, the coil may have manufacturing faults that prevent juice from being properly held causing tank leakage. Firstly, make sure that your coil is correct with a thread and if so, replace only the coil, preferably with one of another batch where you are currently using. If the problem persists, the complication is probably in somewhere else.

How to stop tank from leaking

4. Clean the Tank

If your tank has not been cleaned for some time, the accumulation of waste and old juice could cause complications related to the different parts of the tank, resulting could be a leakage. The easiest solution is to wash with cold water and allow to dry overnight before replacing. To give a real depth clean, separate the parts of the tank, and give everything a good and clean mild detergent with warm water. One might have to deal with it more often when you change flavors frequently.

How to stop tank from leaking

5. Check the O-Rings

Seals damaged or worn out rings are a common cause of leakage, especially with the popular set of Kangertech sub-ohm tanks. Remove your tank and look closely to the O-rings. If they are worn, broken or not there, it means that the air seal in your tank was compromised. Luckily, you can buy the O-rings at cheap prices; just make sure you get the right size.

how to stop tank from leaking

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6. Fill the E-juice Properly

Tanks are built with a central air flow tube into the main body of the container at the tip of the drop tip. That’s called the “Chimney”. Despite notices against the use of this warning, it is common for vapers to inadvertently receive the juice in this tube that leads to gurging and leaks. Be sure to be careful to avoid the chimney when filling a tank. If the juice in this section comes out then wipe with a paper towel before vaping. And do not fill your tank too much. Let a small air bag at the top of the tank, it creates a vacuum in the tank and helps prevent e-liquid leakage.

How to stop tank from leaking

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7. Check the Seals

One of the most common reasons for tanks leaking is they are not properly tightened, either by screwing or simply not being held back, e-juice can be leaked from the openings. First, check that the thread is synchronized and securely fastened and pulled to ensure that the tank is sealed. Be careful not to put it too much tight because this can cause problems in it. Find the sweet spot of the tank and also hold on to it. When the threads are crossed or unscrew then just be sure to screw it back. If this happens consistently then you need to replace the tank completely. And if the threads are worn in excessive, it is very hard to fix and most likely to buy a replacement tank. Fortunately, most modern high-quality containers are made of a sturdy material and often use higher bottling facilities to reduce stress in the threads.

How to stop tank from leaking

8. Check for Cranks

Check your tank cracks or other damages. A crack in the thin glass or a piece of folded metal can mean that the tank is not airtight that allows exhausted the juice into the air hole value. If your glass is cracked, it is usually a simple and inexpensive solution to buy a tube in replacement.

How to stop tank from leaking

9. Hold the Lid

A tank when left without the top cover will cause leakage through the air flow openings because of the pressurized nature of the tanks. Perhaps you were distracted and multitasking. Whatever the case, make sure that if you leave your top lid for a longer period of time and do not fill it more than what is needed then the tank would be empty. Close the air flow will also work, but it is not as complete as the empty tank hold when the top cover is off.

How to STOP Vape Tank from Leaking

10. Use the Correct Viscosity of the E-juice

Less than 70% VG has a good chance of leaks due to the low thickness of PG and the number of ports in juices such tanks (like TF series SMOK tanks).The viscosity is often recommended to be used in the manual instruction. Make sure you see your e-juice label to determine their PG / VG relationship. A good rule of thumb is that large-cloud-chucking do well with VG 70% (only 30% PG) or above and MTL devices are generally good up to 70% VG.

How to stop tank from leaking

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