Is Vaping Like Smoking Weed? Is it Better Than Smoking?

In fact, there are only two basic ways to inhale cannabis:

  1. Smoking
  2. Vaping

Although Vaping may be the best choice, it is a bit more nuanced, and that’s why I’ve defined the pros and cons of both methods, from taste to potency and convenience health. Vaporizing is clearly a gain in the health department if the burning of cannabis plant material (such as tobacco and other smoked products) produces a large amount of tar and other carcinogens, by appropriate vaporization, mainly essential oils are released from the plant, as it is under the combustion points. These essential oils contain most of the cannabinoids and terpenes that work on cannabis, so evaporation gives you essentially all the best and very little bad.

Although many studies show that these harmful by-products of cannabis use do not have the same negative effects as tobacco smokers for a variety of reasons. Most users (especially those whose respiratory or immune systems are impaired) are more likely to be safe. However, the demonstratively produced vapor from portable vaporizers may have a dark side, there are tons of these devices on the market and many of them are manufactured in China with a minimum of regulation and monitoring. Some have argued that some of them contain adhesives or heavy metals that can be gasified at high temperature and inhaled by the user, although generally there is not much data about the personal vaporizer pen type. There are many well-known manufacturers on the market, and the challenge is to find a vaporizer (mostly portable) with high-quality parts. To avoid some common pitfalls, stick to Vape pens with ceramic or titanium radiators, which are generally of better quality than those made of steel, glass, or other types of fiber wicking systems.


Perhaps the main reason why portable Vapes have become so common is that they are much more discreet than smoking. Instead of producing a thick thorny smoke that hangs over clothing, hair, and breath, the vaporizers create a cloud of soft aerosol fragrance that quickly disappears and stays much shorter. Despite the discretion, there has recently been a big reaction against the Vaping culture. Even if you think you’re crazy about the movie, you might become the reference material for a complete hate-filled Internet.

User Friendliness

While it’s much easier to press a button on a rechargeable USB vaporizer than to load a bowl or roll a board, these devices can pose their own problems. Especially with flower vaporizers, charging the small camera can be a nuisance, as well as cleaning the material of the vaporized plant, which in some cases requires only a few inhalations units. In addition, a portable vaporizer eventually becomes empty and needs to be recharged, perhaps not so high and dry if you forget to plug it in and it has no available USB port. If you have a small pipe or cigarette paper and a lighter or matches, you can smoke in virtually any condition. Plus, smoking gives you the same experience every time, while a low-battery vaporizer can give you a faint and unnecessary shot that just upsets your weed.


Vaporization has the advantage mentioned above of not really burning the material of the plant, giving it a clean (albeit softer) taste, free of the sometimes hard and woody surface obtained by smoking. While some users prefer this nuanced flavor, most weeds still prefer to smoke, simply because the rest of the Vaping experience is much less robust and varies greatly depending on the strength of the unit at that time. Of course, the taste of tobacco varies depending on the type of strain, the growth capacity, etc., but in general, the smoke is very dense and obvious, giving the taste a better chance of reaching the most users.


Despite all the science in favor of the vaporizers, it seems that the effects do not last as long and lose more than the same amount of smoked cannabis faster, at least anecdotally. Although a well-calibrated vaporizer should theoretically eliminate all cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material and sink into the throat, there is always an error if the evaporator temperature is not properly adjusted. Too low, and you’ll get a faint and helpless Vaping that will not strike you too high, and will probably have a complete effect, but with a greatly degraded taste. Many users also report an effect of a single, less solid note that lacks some of the nuances that you get when burning completely (again, probably, a function of evaporation temperature).


In short, it all depends on what you are looking for based on your experience with weed. If you are worried about your health and are looking for the cleanest way to consume cannabinoids, or if you just want to be smart, Vaping is your choice. If you’re a party animal who just wants to be blitzed and you do not want to worry about batteries or maintenance, stick with the classics. In any case, you now have all the information you need for your decision.

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