Element Vape Review

Element Vape was founded in 2013 and it has a progressive retail in the electronic cigarette industry. Because of their best support services, they always give their customers to experience the best shopping experience possible. They offer a wide range of product lines and Vape accessories as well as premium e-juice supplements to meet your needs. They have latest products for you to enjoy the Vaping experience. Through a continuous partnership with the manufacturers, they are able to create the best prices on the Internet with a lot of choices.

Element Vape Review

Web Layout

They have a style page of Vape-101 where a newbie can learn and see everything about the products and Vaping. With this site, you know that the Element Vape is prepared not just for experienced Vape but for beginners as well.

Starter Kits for New Vapers

Although Kamry K101 is not as difficult to use as it seems, this kit is probably best reserved for a few months in the future Line. Element Vape also carries the best battery kits like:

  • Innokin iTaste CLK
  • EP Innokin iTaste
  • SMOK OSUB 40W Kit with a Helmet tank
  • The Vaporesso Guardian One Kit looks like a Joyetech eGo One
  • Tesla’s Stealth Mini 45W

Tanks, Electronic and Mechanical Devices

You maybe already know what Vaping is and how it looks and feels like. It is time to branch out and buy only one device, no package at all. They have the chargers you need. They have Penny Mech Mod by infinity or Turtleship V3 by the same company as well. If you know one or two things about vaping, you realize that this is not really mods, but clones. Infinity is a trademark of Clone manufacturers who compete with tobacco and H-Cigar. Element Vape sells only mechanical mods clones because they are affordable to most people and nice.

  • Vision Spinner 2 VV 1650
  • 1600-mAh Battery Aspire CF VV (just same as the vision)
  • SMOK TFV8 with pre-built coils
  • Wismec Cylin RTA
  • Goon 22 RDA
  • Sapor V2 RDA by Wotofo


Element Vape has the atomizers as well as tanks from the top names industries. They have

  • X6 Atty V2
  • The Kanger Mini Protank 3
  • The DCC Innocin iClear 30B
  • Aqua and Aspire K1

All prices are very reasonable.


They have a variety of e-juices from which you can choose from over 20 flavors. The e-juices are available from the top 4 companies, such as:

  1. Five Pawns
  2. The Vial
  3. E-Liq Cube
  4. CRFT

There are not a lot of options, really, and I suspect that it is more in business, but if not, remember these are good quality products.

General Considerations/Overall Thoughts

Element Vape is for every person who wants to Vape either in early age or later. They have kept their current and diverse stocks. Keep in mind that stores often store more than what you see online. If you like an item that is not listed here, you should visit their website.

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