KangerTech DOTA Tank Review

For a long time, Kanger launches a tank that can compete with the booming industry of RDTA or a dripping atomizer with the rebuildable tank. After the release of ROTA from Kanger’s sister company Arymi, Kanger tech soon launches its own version of RDTA’s by name Kanger DOTA. DOTA by Kanger measures 25 mm in diameter, covered with a double repairable coil and also provides space for a lot of e-juice.

KangerTech DOTA Tank Review

Packaging Content & Specifications

Packaging Specifications
DOTA tank Size: 25mm
DIY Coils Volume: 4ml
Replacement Glass Material: Non-corrosive metal
User Guide
Warning Card

First Impression

The design of the DOTA differs from other RDTAs and that is why it is much more interesting due to the fact of its unique style of refueling. Unlike the other RDTAs with sophisticated design and common filling, the DOTA by Kanger could be refilled from its side by detaching the top part and pyrotechnic glass. Personally, it is difficult to refill the container first time and you will need an extra paper towel to clean up the mess. I recommend you all that at the time of filling, use the unicorn bottle instead of a dropper because it seemed easier and more controlled. Also, be careful, you should not fully fill this tank completely, just try to saturate the cotton to prevent a little infiltration and spread your e-liquid back again.


Most RDTA may contain a small amount but this tank has a capacity of 4 ml. In addition, the overload function is at the top instead of a screw-tip-off. The filling could be messy but for me, it is not a big problem especially if you are using the top-mounted control of the airflow attached to the top to remove the cover easily. It has a dual-pole system for DIY coils inside. The non-corrosive metal of DOTA was not as fast as the alloy does.

Even if the air flow is not as wide for a massive tensile strength – it is great. The nozzle above this device is made out of Delrin which prevents the strings as well as spit-back. Note that the double post for DIY coils is not so easy to replace the screws and tools that you need to start. Therefore, it is really a nuisance to rewind this device – not everyone has. Unlike Arymi’s ROTA which has a rewinding without simple coil which is good for both beginners and experienced.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Smart and Stylish Side refilling could difficult for the first time
Side Refilling
Good Performance
Detachable Parts
Dual DIY coil System

Long story short – Summary

The Kanger DOTA has a unique style of refueling. Instead, it could be refilled from its side by detaching the top and pyrotechnic glass. For me, I find no big deal not to like this tank. It has a good flavor and I hope you guys will like it too.

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