KangerTech Five 6 Kit Review

KangerTech has had a great career of 10 years as innovators who had brought us some of the best Clearomizers, i.e. the pro-tank series, and then of course – one of the first sub-ohm tanks with interchangeable coils and RBA. KangerTech was pretty quiet in the last few months however to announce the release of the FIVE- 6 implies that the company is not only in the game of vaping, but also look to push the boundaries. As the name already shows, the KangerTech FIVE have the five 15650 batteries and this device can reach a maximum power of 222W with integrated power bank.

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KangerTech Five 6 Kit Review

Kit Content and Specifications

Kit Content Specifications
Two coils (3 x 0.6ohm coil parallel) Size: 94mm x 57mm x 40mm
1 x 6 FIVE tank Weight: 160g
1 x 6 FIVE MOD Material: aluminum alloy
1 x replacement Pyrex (sensitive glass transition temperature) Output power: 222W max
1 set of crystal gasket Battery: Five 18650
1 x manual Length: 50 mm
Diameter: 29 mm
Capacity: 8 ml
Pyrex glass interchangeable
Power: 5W – 222W

First Impression

Recently, however, it seems that Kanger has struggled to remain relevant – definitely for me. Kanger has contributed to my early success of the damage reduction; it hurts me to say that I have not seriously considered a topical product of Kanger with great interest lately. This is changing today. Starting with mod Five6, we have an unprecedented 5-cell 18650 controls (Power-plant) attached to the frame top and aluminum alloy. You need to charge your phone? Definitely! The Five6 would oblige.

Looking at Five6 tank is a feeling such that when looking at a large SMOK TFV8. The same aesthetics, the same flip cover, the same adjustable floor flow of air, with greater capacity of 8 ml.

Coils can be selected by the user and each interchangeable header contains three double coils and can actually select the tank to run with two, four or six coils – with the same screw head arrangement. Oh, and did I mention that the glass containers darken when the temperature rises? Yes, it does well.

The Five6 kit comes in a variety of colors,

  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

You could find it more online.


  • Easy access, no leakage, top filling line
  • Construction of a double coil
  • 3 selectable integrated coils
  • Maximum power of 6 coils
  • Smart glass, which changes its color depending on the temperature
  • Selectable coils, indicated by a LED light
  • A patented KangerTech design
  • A large 222W power bench for the day!
  • 5 18650 batteries have a light aluminum frame


Here is the official video from KangerTech


With Five6 Kit, Kanger seems to break with this design strategy and reach the most modern Vape for lovers. While Five6 5 cell delivers high power and unprecedented autonomy, it also comes with a charge and the weight of Five6 kit is 255g, furthermore, when the batteries are added, it tipped the scales at about 475g. For comparison, my lost Vape triad weighs 408g fully loaded with three batteries and a dual Geekvape Ammit. An RX300 Wismec similarly configured (not tested) strong 500g. I’m not sure it would consider one of these portable. Each individual “Tiger” coil has three dual configurations and you can choose how many of them want to “open” the Vape – two on four or six. It has a small switch around the base of the tank the number of rollers with small LED light shows to be used to determine which to be activated.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Smart and Stylish Changing the coils with a full tank can be difficult
Define and pleasant finish
Good performance
Good In Weight
Selectable Coils (up-to 6)
No Leakage
Excellent Power Output

Long story short – Summary

I do not know if the actual model can be used with another container if this is not enough, the dark glass containers also change color depending on the temperature of the Vape. While the first five reports on the 18650 configuration show like the real model is extremely easy – not as hard as you might think. The KangerTech FIVE 6 will be available in black, red, yellow, green and blue – I believe that each case can be purchased individually so you can change its color.

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