Can You Vape On a Plane – How to Travel by Airplane with Your Vape & E-juice

Travelling can be hectic at the best of times, but when you need to consider your vaping gear, it can be downright annoying. That’s a thing of the past with our helpful travel guide on how to take your vape gear on holiday with you!

Can You Vape On a Plane – How to Travel by Airplane with Your Vape & E-juice

When it comes time to travel by airplane, for work or pleasure, and clearing customs or airport security, following the tips in this guide will make it much easier for you to take your vaping gear. There aren’t any complicated procedures or expensive things which you’ll need to purchase, just straight-forward advice and tips.


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Take your batteries with you in your carry-on baggage, even spare batteries! Keep any spare batteries separate, and in a plastic battery container. This will prevent them from becoming damaged or touching one another during the flight. Small plastic battery containers are cheap and make packing your batteries much easier.


Just because vaping isn’t smoking, doesn’t mean that you can vape on the plane! Vaping in airplanes is strictly prohibited, and you can only vape in designated smoking areas within the airport terminal itself.

Airport Security

Before you head through security at the airport, disassemble your vaporizer or mod as much as possible. This will prevent your vaporizer from accidentally firing during the trip, and make it easier to pass through security. If you can, remove your battery from the mod. If you have an internal battery, then remove the atomizer or coil from the vaporizer. Even if your vaporizer or e-cigarette has a removable battery, removing the atomizer is still a good idea.


The liquid limits apply to e-liquid or e-juice just as they do with all liquids. You aren’t allowed to carry any more than 100ml of any liquid. 30ml bottles are a great travel size to take away with you. If you plan on being away a long time, then it may be easier to purchase e-liquid when you arrive at your destination. Just because you have your e-liquid in 30ml bottles doesn’t mean that you can carry a suitcase full either! You can carry any more liquid than what will fit inside a 1-quart bag. You can also check your e-liquid in your checked baggage.

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Having a dedicated vaping case is the easiest way to transport all your vaping gear while you’re traveling. It will prevent items from becoming damaged, and make clearing security lines easier.

Vape Gear

Don’t fill your atomizer or tank up with e-liquid or e-juice before you leave! It may sound like a good idea to top up, but you’ll be in for a messy surprise. As the plane takes off and lands, it will pressurize. This will then force all the e-liquid out of your tank and into wherever your tank is, bag, pocket, or case. If you must vape just before you get on the plane, then only fill your tank enough to get you through until you take off.


Sealable plastic baggies are the ideal way to carry all your vape gear and keeping it separate. They will also help to prevent any e-liquid from getting into your belongings. It’s a good idea to keep a few paper towels or tissues in your carry-on baggage. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to clean up any spills and start vaping right away!


Make your next holiday or business trip just a little bit easier! Follow our advice and tips on how to travel with your vaping gear and your holiday will be off to a great start.

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