E-cigarettes Deconstructed: Read This Before Buying Your First!

There is a lot of increased interest in vaping devices in the market today, more than there ever has been. As a result, there have been several kinds of devices released, all of which are equally amazing. No matter how efficient each type of vaping device is, choosing your first device from a dispensary is a personal choice.

Most beginners, hence, start by using an e-cigarette, which are handy little devices that give a great introduction to the world of vaping. How well do you know the body of an e-cigarette, though? There are a few key components that you need to understand before buying them so that maintenance becomes easy. This blog will cover the three parts of an e-cigarette and deconstruct them for you.

E-cigarette Batteries

E-cigarettes and all other vaping devices are battery operated.  In e-cigarettes, the batteries are of three types:

  1. Disposable batteries: The first generation of vaping devices like the cig-a-likes that we’ve covered in an earlier blog of ours has a limited time of operation. These are supposed to use and throw devices that cannot be reused or recharged.
  2. Integrated batteries: In e-cigarettes, integrated batteries are constructed within the device itself and are not supposed to be removed or replaced. These come in a limited number of times they can be recharged, after which you’ll have to dispose of them.
  3. Removable batteries: The newest and best option available in e-cigarettes are those with rechargeable batteries. They give a long performance when you recharge them, but if the batteries grow inefficient, you could simply replace the batteries and continue using the same e-cigarette.

E-liquids or e-juices

To explain it simply, vaping juice, e-liquid or e-juice is the solution that is added to a device in order to produce the vapor. Based on your dispensary prescription or recreation you could browse for your favorite 3 bros midtown vape liquid. These can come with several inclusions like nicotine, CBD, and THC in multiple strengths and concentrations. Technically, the vapor from an e-cigarette is simply an aerosol of the heated e-liquid suspended in the air as you inhale it. If you’re not sure about which flavor or consistency of an e-liquid you’d like to try first, go for the disposable ones to experiment.

Atomizer Coil

An e-cigarette atomizer coil is made of metal and has a cotton wick to absorb the vape oil. The battery is used to heat the atomizer, which then warms the absorbed e-liquid or vape juice, turning it into vapor. There are three kinds of atomizer coils available:

  • Disposable atomizers: The simplest type of atomizers come with no replacement, where you need to throw the device once the e-juice is finished.
  • Cartomizers: Cartomizers comprise an atomizer connected to an e-liquid holder. You can replace them once the vape juice starts to taste burned or clean and resume them.
  • Clearomizers: These ones are a modern take on the cartomizers with the atomizer and cartridge attached. However, they are clear, so you can see the amount of liquid left.

Wrapping Up:

While the three components of an e-cigarette make it easier to buy the most favorable product, there’s still a lot of research that goes into choosing the right nicotine to CBD ratio. Wait for our upcoming editorials where we cover these subjects in depth!

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