What Type Of Medical Vape Is Best Meant For You?

Are you new to exploring the world of prescription vaping devices? Then this blog is the perfect place to kickstart your journey. If you’re looking for more information about what device to purchase from the dispensary, this five-minute read will cover all the basics for a better-informed decision.


This is the First Generation of vaping devices and also known as cig-a-like. The name comes from its uncanny resemblance to the conventional cigarette. The only difference is that e-cigarettes work with water vapor instead of burning tobacco. This is a healthier option for those transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping. If you need prescription advice for CBD devices, professionals via dispensaries such as cannabis doc have the necessary expertise to help. Also, the element of familiarity with the physical body of the device makes it easy to use. these are light and tiny to carry, which makes them highly travel-friendly. If you wish to quit smoking tobacco completely, this is the one to start with as you’ll be able to reap the complete benefit of using vape oils.

Vape Pens:

The famous vape pens belong to the Second Generation of devices that were used for vaping and are still one of the top cult favorites. The vape pen is a long and cylindrical device that resembles a thick pen. Inside its body, a pod system holds the e-liquid within a plastic pod. Vape pens generally have a glass cartridge (tank) with an atomizer coil that can be replaced every now and then for better use. Once the flavor of the vapor starts to change, you can replace the atomizer coil by disassembling the tank.


The mod vaping divide is a Third Generation system that was recently marketed and became a rage due to its superior vaping experience. Meant for the more experienced group of vape enthusiasts, the vape mod is perhaps the largest of devices and looks like a box. Inside its body, the mod holds several high capacity batteries that can deliver over 200 watts of power. The tank of the mod is meant for direct inhalation. These devices also come with pretty swanky and modern features that other portable vaping devices lack, which is why they are so popular among elitist vapers. With customizations like temperature limiting, you can get exactly the vaping experience you want consistently with bold flavors and the appropriate density of vapor.

Pod Mods:

Pod mods are the latest devices to vape and are loved because of their ultra-portability. They are tiny, sophisticated and discrete to use but offer the maximum impact of nicotine and CBD. Instead of using larger tanks, these pod mods are refillable and have disposable pods. Frequently installed with integrated coils, the disposable pods provide a great vaping experience that is elegantly modern and still being explored.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the generation-wise categories of vaping devices, which one do you think is the best buy for you? Make sure to research the products before you buy them for the maximum benefit. For more on vape experiences, stay tuned to our next blog!

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