Can You Buy and Order CBD Online – Is It Legal?

It is difficult to buy cannabis in a state where it is illegal and many people access the internet in order to get their hands on some good quality cannabis. Many retailers claim to provide best quality stash to your doorstep. There exists a problem though of the unavailability of a testing facility and rules which will testify the level of quality safety of such products. The consumers are forced to believe the seller’s description about how the extracting of oil was carried out, where was the starting material grown and what is the actual CBD ratio in the oil.

There is a warning issued by the FDA in order to stop retailers from false claims about the medicinal benefits and effectiveness of their products because it has been found that snake oil was being sold instead of CBD oil. So if you are confident about what you are buying, you should know that CBD oil which is derived from hemp is legal to buy if it is sold as a product.

Is It Legal To Buy CBD Oil Online?

Yes, you can legally purchase CBD oil if industrial hemp is the product from which it has been derived.

Is Shipping Of CBD Oil Legal?

Those companies complying with the Farm Bill (2004) are allowed to do shipping of CBD oils throughout the United States. This bill clears the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. It allows industrial hemp to be cultivated in USA.

Which Companies Can Be Compliant?

If the industrially grown hemp of a company is producing less than 0.3% THC, then it is compliant. According to DEA it is legal to make CBD if the non-psychoactive part from the cannabis plant is used for production. It is mainly due to the fact that this section of the plant is not considered as marijuana in the Controlled Substance Act.

Where Can Be Legal BCD Stores Found Online?

This task requires some research. In order to help you in doing your research, we can compiled a list of questions that you must consider before selecting a seller online. Here is a link to our Guide For CBD Buyers.

Which Companies Can Be Trusted?

As we are deeply involved in Colorado’s industry for legal cannabis and medicines since it began, we have witnessed how it expanded from just being a medicine to a social commodity. With ROI as a primary focus, a lot of investment has been made in different sectors of this industry. Huge profits are very attractive for investors and they are not concerned about the health effects if the product is not properly calibrated. Our long involvement and research based on experiments and tests, we have only found Ambary Gardens to be the company which sticks to it words. Their products are as impressive as their vertically integrated facility in Colorado.

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