Best CBD Shops and Stores – Where to Buy CBD Online?

Best CBD Shops and Stores

Are you looking to buy the best CBD oil to regulate your Endocannabinoid System? You will need to know which are the best online CBD shops to purchase your hemp products from. We have done the heavy lifting for you and created for you a list of the best online CBD shops.

Let’s start by asking the question of what CBD oil is? Simply put CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a product derived from cannabis that is being used for its medicinal properties. Cannabidiol use has increased in the past decade or so. This is due to the CBD oil benefits that range from relieving pain, high blood pressure reduction, treatment for acne, management od depression and stress. CBD oil has also been reported that it helps to manage neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.

Therefore, as the use of CBD oil increases, lots of manufacturers and sellers have popped up. CBD oil for sale can now be found in physical stores and CBD oil online shops. The popularity of online shops in the world is experiencing an upsurge since completing a purchase is just a few clicks away. You don’t need to visit a physical store, various websites such as CBD Centrals can sort you out.

The same is true for CBD oils. However, shopping online also has its negatives. That is why we have come up with a list of the best online CBD shops for you so that you don’t experience the other side of online shopping.

How to Buy CBD Oil Online

Before we get started on the list, let’s familiarize ourselves with the process of how to buy CBD oil online. Cannabidiol oil producers are on the rise. Their products, such as CBD oil drops, CBD oil capsules, CBD oil pills, CBD oil for vaping, and CBD oil for pain, are on the rise too. As a consumer, you need to be aware of what you are looking for in a CBD oil product. It will arm you with all the information you need to purchase the best cannabidiol products.

You will also need to conduct research on the online shop you’ve chosen. Does the shop boast of a high reputation? Are their products highly rated? Has a 3rd party tested their products? You can find this information in online reviews on Google, Facebook, and independent review sites. This information will help you make an informed decision on whether to purchase from that particular online store.

Now that you all about purchasing cannabidiol oil in an online shop. Let’s get the show on the road. What are the best CBD online shops?

Pure CBD Vapors

Pure CBD Vapors is the #1 Trusted Brand of Legal Hemp Derived CBD Vape. Shop Lab Tested CBD Vape Oil, CBD Oil, Flower, Gummies, Pens and Cartridges.

Pure CBD Vapors offers some of the most flavorful, quality produced and trusted CBD Oil in the United States. We pride ourselves on customer service & satisfaction and have been offering CBD Oils since 2014.

Visit Pure CBD Vapors

Rooted Apothecary

Rooted Apothecary is a company based in Florida, USA. They use organic hemp plants to produce their premium CBD oil products. A medical board that oversees the production safety of Root Apothecary’s products makes them a safe choice for you. The company has marketed its products as multi-vitamins that promote a healthier way of living life.

Rooted Apothecary provides shipment throughout the country with shipment time taking between 2-3 days. They use DHL, UPS, and USPS couriers.

Visit Rooted Apothecary


HempBotanics is on a mission to provide the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world with the best quality of 100% natural hemp products. They guaranteed consumer safety by having their products tested by a 3rd party laboratory. Their products range from CBD oil capsules, CBD oil vapes, and CBD oil drops.

Within the UK, HempBotanics provides shipping for all orders above £75.

Visit HempBotanics

The Wellness Kafe

The wellness kafe provide their customers with a wide range of products and one of the best customer services in the United States. The company is based in Florida. On their website, they claim that their cannabidiol oil comes in its purest form without any additives or contaminants. They boast a collection of some of the well-known cannabidiol oil brands in the United States. So as a consumer, all you have to do is choose products from your favorite brand and have them delivered in between 2 – 3 days.

Their products range from CBD oil, CBD coffee, and tea, CBD oil capsules, CBD lotions, e.t.c. Their wide range of products and brands is what separates The Wellness Kafe from their competition.

Visit The Wellness Kafe

Hemp Elf

The Hemp Elf company operates within the European Union. They are one of the major sources of hemp products and legal cannabis flowers in the EU. On their website, they state that all hemp products have been grown in Switzerland and Italy within government regulations. Apart from hemp flowers, other Hemp Elf products include CBD vapes, CBD edibles, and CBD concentrates.

Hemp elf enjoys a rating of above 4.5 stars based on more than 580 customer reviews on Trustpilot. The company does not provide free shipping.

Visit Hemp Elf

Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil is one of the largest brands in Scandinavian countries. Their products range from CBD oil and extracts, CBD creams, CBD liquid, and CBD vital substances. They have received very high reviews that can be found on their website and on Trustpilot. The company does provide free shipping depending on your location and the delivery service you provide. For ensuring quality assurance, their products have been tested by 3rd party laboratories.

Visit Nordic Oil


Endoca is another large company that sells its CBD products online. The company is based in San Diego, USA, but recent success has seen the company open its doors in Europe. Their products are produced from 100% organic cannabis plants. They have a wide range of products, including CBD for pets, CBD crystals, and cannabidiol suppositories. The company has 24/7 customer care services. The company also provides free shipping in the US for orders above $74. They also have worldwide delivery to other nations.

Visit Endoca


Reakiro is a Poland based country that operates in the EU. The bost one of the top positions as leaders in the production of full-spectrum cannabidiol products. They have a wide range of products that includes CBD e-liquids, CBD oils, raw hemp extracts, and CBD capsules. The company offers a 30- day money-back guarantee on all their products, they also provide free shipping for products above €30, while orders below €30 are charged €10 for shipping.

Visit Reakiro


Different companies are producing CBD products with different levels of cannabidiol. You need to take responsibility and conduct extensive research on what products best suit you and your family.

What benefits have you gotten from CBD products? Comment below!

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