How CBD for Pet is Different from CBD for Humans

Pets make great companions and can bring a lot of happiness into your life. If you’re a pet lover, you must ensure that your pet stays in perfect health. Neglecting routine grooming activities like bathing and brushing can result in many health issues. If you’re a dog lover, you should also acquire CBD treats for dogs. These will help your pet deal with everyday problems like anxiety, seizures, and arthritis. Although humans also use CBD, it’s good to understand the difference between human and pet CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural remedy commonly used for the treatment of common ailments. It’s also known as CBD and comprises different compounds referred to as cannabinoids obtained from the cannabis plant. The main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is famous for its sensation, causing properties often associated with marijuana.

However, CBD is not psychoactive like the THC. As such, CBD is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking pain relief without having to deal with the mind-altering effects of marijuana or other pharmaceutical drugs.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and is diluted with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil to make CBD oil. Today, this CDB type is gaining a lot of fame in the health and wellness sector due to its ability to combat chronic pain and anxiety symptoms.

What are the medical uses of CBD?

Researchers believe that CBD can help relieve anxiety by reducing stress levels, inducing sleep, and improving post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. CBD is also a possible treatment for epilepsy and can help you manage pain associated with arthritis, spinal cord injuries, muscle pain, and chronic pain. CBD can also help you deal with inflammation in the body. Some studies say that CBD can help alleviate cancer symptoms and the side effects of cancer treatments.

What’s the difference between human and pet CBD?

1. Milligram content and flavor

CBD is beneficial to pets as it is to humans. However, the difference is the way the cannabinoid works in a pet’s system. What you give your pet is similar to what you take, but the main difference is in the CBD oil milligram content, concentration, and any other appealing flavor like bacon for dogs that can make the CBD oil more enticing.

When giving your pet CBD oil, it’s advisable to present them with the right product designed for them. And this is because it contains the right amount of CBD to match their unique needs and taste. CBD for pets may also contain tiny doses of cod liver oil extracts for pets, which humans can also take.

2. Strength

There are various pet products in the market; these range from CBD treats, chews, CBD treats for dogs, and CBD sprays that you can easily add to your pet’s food. What’s the difference between these products and your CBD oil? The CBD oil for dogs that you use for your pet is not very different from the one you use for yourself. But, they have various serving recommendations, and this makes the CBD for humans much stronger than the one for pets.

3. Labeling

Although there’s no significant difference in the manufacture of CBD oil, Food, and Drug Administration standards expect that human drugs or dietary supplements be labeled differently than animal products. 

Final thoughts

Can I give my cat human CBD oil? There’s not much difference between human and pet CBD. And yes, you can give the same CBD oil for humans to your pet. However, human CBD is more concentrated, and you may experience issues in terms of the right dosage to give your pet. Hence the need to consult your vet for guidance.

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