Will CBD Oil Show up in a Drug Test?

CBD oil-based products can be not only vape juice, but also tinctures or capsules used daily, mainly for their medicinal benefits. The substance is gotten from leaves, flowers and even stems of the plant. Hemp and marijuana plants produce this substance,and it can be unsettling for individuals who need to take drug tests.

Even though the USA only mandates federal employees to take drug tests, private employers have also introduced drug testing for their staff. The test aims to detect traces of THC, no matter how small, in the employees’ bodies.

THC creates psychoactivity and euphoria that can alter the senses and perception of an individual that takes products containing it. So, if you use CBD products before going for a drug test, will you test positive?

Before entering panic mode, you need to know that it is impossible to fail any drug test if you use CBD oil products. However, this is subject to the composition of the product you are using. If the oil has THC in its composition, it will be detected, but the CBD will not show up in a drug test.

This simply means that the CBD oil you choose must be for medical purposes only. It must also lack the euphoric effects of hemp and marijuana.

How to tell if your CBD oil contains THC?

Drug tests look for THC or carboxy-THC metabolite as it is responsible for affecting the behavior and perception of the person. So when picking CBD oil products, read the label to make sure that there is no THC content in the product.

If it doesn’t contain THC, you can take a urine test without having to worry about it being detected. It is not considered dangerous for daily use. Sometimes, you may be shocked to discover that many CBD oil products contain tiny amounts of THC. What causes this? It is caused by the entourage effect. Research has shown that compounds found in cannabis work better when they are used together instead of being consumed individually.

Therefore, cannabis products, which contain CBD, may also have small quantities of THC as well as other cannabinoid compounds for extra efficiency. The FDA has revealed that some CBD product manufacturers aren’t honest with the information on their labels. Others make bogus medical claims that are inaccurate.

Even though the FDA didn’t issue any warning to CBD manufacturers until last year, you must be careful when selecting your CBD oil products. If you are aware of an impending urine test for drug consumption, you need to research properly before buying the product. What can be considered as small quantities of THC can be spotted through normal drug tests.

Besides looking at the label of the CBD oil product and any information you find, check the credibility and reputation of the company. It is very common to find manufacturers that are not transparent about the contents of their products.

If you are not sure about the content of CBD oil, then avoid it before your drug test. If you can, do some research to get one without THC.

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