Mushrooms; 5 Benefits of microdosing psychedelics

It is very hard to navigate your way around the world of psychedelics. Once considered a dangerous substance, magic mushrooms are now being decriminalized in many parts of the United States. This is following marijuana in legalization pattern, as more and more cities move to decriminalize it. There is not a ton of research done on microdosing psychedelics, but the ones that have been conducted show the promise of microdosing being therapeutic for many individuals. Research conducted by the MAPS organization in Boston shows that magic mushrooms can be used in therapy for various disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The benefits are vast and still need to be researched extensively. Here are some of the benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms.

Improved focus

Some studies show that people who microdose have improved focus and concentration when compared to people who do not microdose. A study conducted over the time period of 4 weeks shows significant improvement in the concentration and focus of participants who were given a microdose, compared to the group that received a placebo. Psychedelics are stimulating in nature, which can increase attention significantly. This can be tested through various attention tests and trials.

Social benefits

One study conducted found that people who microdose have improved socialization skills. Psychedelics can help improve emotional intelligence among people, which means that you are more aware of other people’s emotions, along with your own. This leads to better ways of interacting with people, keeping their state of mind in context when you socialize. Empaths have better control over emotions and can regulate them for their own benefit.

Improved energy

A firsthand account of a 64-year-old psychotherapist concluded that she had improved focus and energy on the second and third day of her microdosing experiment. May commented that her performance in mundane and routine tasks had improved significantly after trials of microdosing. Since psychedelics give you a new perspective, every task seems to bring a little amount of joy and curiosity with it, leading to improved performance and renewed energy.

Reduced anxiety

A ton of research supports the fact that microdosing mushrooms can help in reducing distressing symptoms of stress and anxiety. It helps improve mood and cognition and even promotes a sense of calmness. You can even try microdosing mushroom chocolates. The most popular one available in the market right now is wonderbar, and you only have to consume 1-3 pieces for a microdose. It even helps in reducing neurotic and dysfunctional symptoms and thought patterns.


Creativity is another important aspect of our lives. Without creativity, there is no innovation. People in creative lines such as musicians, producers, and artists can benefit tremendously through the art of microdosing. Psychedelics increase brain plasticity, a phenomenon where our brain can make more neural connections and pathways. This allows meta-creativity such as perspective shifts, curiosity, and even divergent thinking. Microdosing from time to time can help increase your creativity.

Microdosing still needs more research, but the ones already published show that it is definitely beneficial in combating certain problems such as anxiety, depression, lack of creativity, and energy.

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