Savvy SEO Strategies For Marijuana e-Commerce

You can find a ton of jargon on the internet these days spitting out expert advice on e-commerce SEO. But, these guidebooks are of little use. The reason being they don’t really focus on the subject at hand.

Here in this article, you shall find a complete solution for carrying out SEO for your marijuana business. Whether you sell dry herbs or CBD oil or both, this article should concern you. Especially, if you own an e-commerce website dealing in marijuana and products surrounding the industry.

So, without any further ado, let’s move through some of the most effective tips that shall rank you better in search results.

Design Your Website For Weed Users

The biggest mistake that most of the online retailers commit is during the designing of their website. It is noteworthy that design does not limit to the aesthetic aspects of your website. It also refers to well the pages on your website are interlinked. A smarter option for your marijuana SEO efforts to be fruitful could be to include a blog section on your website. This blog section can essentially provide your consumers with knowledge about marijuana products and their derivatives such as CBD oil and waxes. Moreover, this blog section can also help generate new keywords for your website.

Refine Your Marijuana Product Categories

User experience is amongst one of the most important ranking factors considered by search engines. According to Alex Green from Outreach Monks, users are more likely to bounce back from pages that are more than three clicks away from the home page. Refining the product categorization as finely as possible is one way that can help you manage your pages more efficiently. For example, categorizing dry herbs, extracts, and accessories on the basis of their features and pricing can help refine the search effectively.

Build Links Within The Cannabis Industry

A website that ranks first has almost 6 times more backlinks as compared to the one that ranks tenth for the same keywords. The year 2020 is surely not witnessing any decline in the link building services. In fact, weed and hemp industries, since they are new, need aggressive blogger outreach strategy in place. Backlinks are amongst the top 3 ranking signals used by Google. An if you really, wish to rank your e-commerce website for all the cannabis relevant searches, building links should be one of your top priorities.

Reviews And Feedback Build You Goodwill

workstream published data in 2016, which stated that around 43% of users do online research when they are in store. And what affects this research is the reviews and feedback that you receive on your website. So, what you need to do is encourage your consumers to share their experience with the hemp products and cannabis delivery system offered by your website. And when you receive reviews from happy customers, of course, it helps grow your brand’s goodwill online. This goodwill is measured in terms of authority that your website holds online.

As young as the cannabis industry is, the SEO strategies also need to be more aggressive. With the aforementioned tips, you can surely compete better against other cannabis businesses online.

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