Differences between CBD Made from Hemp Vs from Marijuana

If you have researched and read a lot about CBD, you at least know that this compound is a by-product of either hemp or marijuana. However, if you are not aware yet, don’t worry because you are about to be a know-it-all by the end of our article.

But before we feed your curiosity about the differences, how about introducing the two plants? Marijuana and hemp plants belong to the same family, the family Cannabaceae. And they are legally grown across the country in indoor farms. Note that indoor farms use a variety of equipment such as full spectrum grow light, humidifiers, and temperature controllers to replicate the natural growth conditions. However, these two are different, mainly because of their THC concentration.

Hemp Vs Marijuana Plants

Hemp is a cannabis type of flower that contains 0.3 percent levels of THC. THC is the compound in the Cannabaceae family that makes people hyperactive and causes addiction. However, it reacts with the body only when high.

Since the hemp plant has low THC content, you will not experience the psychoactive effects of THC. Therefore, you won’t get high when you take hemp-derived CBD.

Marijuana is the other type of Cannabaceae that people mainly refer to as cannabis or weed. Marijuana is likely to make you high since it contains over 0.3 percent of THC. Unfortunately, this compound also causes addiction and tests positive for drug tests.

CBD from Hemp and Marijuana

Now that we know the difference between hemp and marijuana, here is how different their CBD is.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a product of cannabis or hemp plants. This beneficial product from both plants has THC, but in meager amounts, alongside other compounds. However, cannabis CBD has more THC than CBD, while hemp has more CBD than THC.

Besides the difference in these plants, the health benefits of CBD do not solely depend on the source. The side effects you will experience from hemp CBD are like those of the marijuana one.

Although the health benefits stated on this site and the side effects are the same, the two plants have different levels of CBD available. Since the hemp plant has more of the compound’s concentration, you may realize that most CBD products are from it.

What Are The Differences?

Marijuana and hemp plants differ in legal status in different states. For example, while cannabis is legal in Canada and people can use its products freely, some states only allow CBD products derived from the hemp plant because cannabis is illegal.

Even if marijuana is legal in a country, you should also purchase products from licensed producers. They know better about the composition and the required dosage of these products. That’s because their CBD products are laboratory-tested.

Let’s dive straight and look at the differences between CBD from hemp and cannabis. 

Derived from Two Different Plants

It is clear that cannabis CBD is a product of the marijuana plant, and Hemp CBD comes from the hemp plant. These two plants are from the same species, but the plants are different.

Cannabis has many health benefits to the human body and is, therefore, a common ingredient in many medicines. On the other hand, hemp has low cannabinoids, and medicine manufacturers don’t prefer it.

The higher percentage of THC in cannabis is also a significant reason for this plant to be preferred for medicinal purposes. The higher the amounts of THC, the more effects the compound will have on your cognitive abilities.

For that reason, the cannabis plant is used for medicine, while hemp is helpful in the consumable food products industry. Hemp is also standard in the clothing and paper industries.

More CBD in Cannabis CBD than in Hemp CBD

Besides the high percentage of THC in cannabis than in hemp, this plant also contains more CBD. Therefore, cannabis CBD will give more therapeutic value because of CBD concentration than hemp. However, the effects of the compound will be the same.

While cannabis CBD oil contains about 20 percent of CBD, hemp could have only 3.5 percent. Also, the amount of CBD in a hemp-derived product depends on the brand. Because of the low amounts of the compound in the hemp-derived oil, you will need to take higher doses for the effects to show.

More THC in Cannabis CBD than in Hemp CBD

Although THC is the compound that causes hyperactivity in cannabis, its amounts in CBD oil will not have this effect because they are low. However, the different THC percentages in cannabis and hemp plant-derived oils affect the two products’ benefits.

The more THC present in the compound, the more the effects and therapeutic benefits. Cannabis also has other compounds like terpenes that contribute to its health effects, unlike hemp, which only has CBD.

The legality of Cannabis CBD and Hemp CBD

Another significant difference between marijuana and hemp plant CBD is the legality. All hemp-derived products are legal in Canada, with the law allowing the plant’s growth and use of its products.

In contrast, marijuana is legal in very few states, making its products prohibited for use and sale in states where it is illegal. You cannot also transport marijuana across two states even if it is legal to use the product in those states.

Difference in Applications

As previously stated, CBD from these two products has a different composition, making the one derived from marijuana have more medicinal uses.

Cannabis CBD oil is a treatment for seizures in epileptic patients, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and even cancer.

The oil comes in many forms, including tinctures administered by putting it under the tongue or as gummies. You can also make capsules from it or mix them with food. 


Although these compounds are from different plants, their appearance is not that different. Their main difference is the original forms the products are available on their plants and the processing method. For example, cannabis CBD mainly comes from the flower, while hemp comes from the plant’s stalk. 

Final Words

Hemp and marijuana are of the same species but have different component concentrations, like CBD and THC. The hemp has 0.3 percent of THC while cannabis has more THC percentage, which brings the significant difference in their CBD products. 

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