Juul E-Cigarettes and Youth: What You Need To Know

Have you noticed the youth around you getting more and more inclined towards vaping? If we go by statistics, high school vapers have risen by 135% from the year 2017 to 2019. While the numbers sure are increasing, the size of the vape devices is decreasing. The traditional e-cigarettes are becoming a thing of the past, and it is the compact Juul e-cigarettes that are ruling the market today. Why are they hit with the youth? Are they safe to use? Read to find out everything about the latest hype among teenagers.

What are Juul e-cigarettes:

Juul e-cigarettes are the tiny, compact vape devices that look like a USB flash drive. While the USB drive stores your precious data, the Juul vape stores chemicals like nicotine and benzene. Not only that, you can even charge this tiny, compact device through the USB port of your computer. For the ones who are just getting familiar with the world of vaping might not even realize it is a vaping device, owing to the sleek design and size. If you are questioning the potency of the device, just because it can fit in your pocket, then you must know that the nicotine content is the highest in Juul pods.  

Wondering how the device works? Well, it contains two parts, the first being the e-cigarette itself, and then the second is the pod. An E-cigarette is the part that contains a battery, sensors, and even regulates the temperature. The pod includes the e-liquid, which is a mixture of nicotine, flavors, and other chemicals. Alternatively, one can also go for vape devices like a Kind pen that is affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why are Juul vapes a hit among the youth?       

For centuries people are using feminized marijuana seeds to reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but vaping is the newest addition to the world of smoking. Although vaping devices have been in the market for almost a decade, Juul pods have transformed the vaping industry. Juul pods are becoming a significant part of a majority of youngsters in the US. There are a few reasons that make Juul vape so popular:

  • Convenient design: Juul gives a hi-tech and modern outlook to their vapes, which makes it a must-have for most teenagers. It is sleek, slim, and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around in the pocket. In comparison to the old models of e-cigarettes, Juul pods are very tiny and discreet for the students to take to schools or colleges.
  • Affordable: Planning to buy an e-cigarette? Become prepared to shell out a lot. Buying an e-cigarette can be expensive, for you need not just the device but also the cleaning supplies and frequent change of vape juice. On the other hand, Juul pods are affordable. You can get a starter kit for a mere $50, which includes the vape, a charger, and four pods. For a student, it can be easy to take out 50 bucks from their pocket money.            
  • Attractive flavors: What made Juul e-cigarettes an instant hit among the youth is the wide range of flavors. You can get anything from food-based flavors to even fruits. Mint, chocolate, candy are among the top ‘hits’ for the youngsters that make them go for the Juul pods.
  • Allows you to be discreet: A Juul e-cigarette does not produce much smoke, nor it leaves a smell. Isn’t that what every youngster wants? Anyone can use a vape in public without attracting much attention from the crowd.

 Are Juul devices harming future generations?

E-cigarettes came to the market, preaching to be safer than traditional cigarettes, for they lacked combustion and hence did not produce carcinogens. But e-cigarettes can include many other harmful chemicals like benzene, acetamide, formaldehyde, and nicotine. While nicotine helps people to release stress, it can be the root cause of a myriad of health issues. If you are looking for some organic ways to relax, you can resort to marijuana budget buds over e-cigarettes.  

Juul e-cigarettes are known to have high nicotine content. They measure the nicotine by the weight of the pods, which is close to 5% in any Juul product, which is now brought down to 3%. It is irrefutable that nicotine is harmful, be it through electronic cigarettes or the conventional ones, but e-cigarettes are more likely to pave the way to addiction. The ease to carry it around and consistent access to it makes the user hooked to it. Apart from being addictive, nicotine can also be toxic to health. It can directly affect the production of adrenaline, which adversely impacts the heart. While a majority of people smoke to relieve stress, too much nicotine can do the opposite. It not only increases the blood pressure but can also act as a depressant.

This addictive drug can also hamper the development of the brain and lead to blood clots or even lung spasms. The legal age to use a vape is 18 years or even 21 years in some states, but the reality strays away from it. Kids, as young as 15, are getting addicted to the nicotine pods, which can do irreparable damage to their health. Dental professionals have witnessed a sudden rise in oral problems among the patients that vape. It is the presence of carcinogenic content in the vape juice and inhaling aerosols that can be the primary cause of cavities and decay. 

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Final Thoughts   

While the verdict is still out on the long term health effects of vaping Juul products, the doctors and researchers are predicting that it is not as safe as they are advertised to be. Due to the lack of FDA regulations and e-cigarettes being a relatively newer concept, there are not many reliable data available today. But, the recent findings show that the youth is deep in the clutches of nicotine, and bringing them out of it will be a tough feat. It is making us wonder if the age-old hash was the better alternative among the two?    

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