What is JUUL or Juuling? Is It Vaping?

Best Pod VapesFor cigarette smokers, vaping has appeared as the new and improved alternative both in terms of easier use and improved health benefits. JUUL, which is essentially a type of vape, is a simple of use e-cigarette that has been designed for users that are looking for something that resembles a cigarette, in terms of size and weight. This also appeals to consumers that practice stealth vaping. ‘Juuling’ is the verb associated with using a Juul.

So, isn’t Juuling and Vaping the same thing?

Sometimes a brand gets associated with its entire niche, such as all baby diapers being called pampers. That is sort of the relation between vapes and juules. Amateur vapers tend to refer to all forms of vape as juule. However that is not the case.

The main physical difference between a juul and a vape is the size and weight of the two. A juul is more compact while the vape is larger in both length and weight. For this reason, the maintenance of juul is considered easier as well. Because of this reduced size, the concentration of nicotine used in the juul is higher. The need for higher concentration is necessary because without it, the juul would get used up almost instantly.

It’s like mixing sugar and water and then concentrating the solution. You are taking the same amount of nicotine from an entire pack of cigarettes and reducing it to make it stronger. Of course it will be used the same amount, just at different volumes and the calories you will be gaining will remain the same. Similarly, the time it takes to smoke a juul is about the same as that of a pack of cigarettes, so the nicotine being consumed is the same.

Why do people prefer juuling?

A huge reason why juules are preferred over regular vapes is the convenience in terms of size and weight. It’s handier to carry a juule as oppose to large vapes that need to be refilled constantly. The chemical used in the liquid allow the harshness of the concentrated nicotine to reduce and is a better experience. There are various flavors of juules in the market today and offer a wide range of options for the users.

Also, studies now show that vaping as opposed to cigarette smoking is a healthier option. The risks that come with smoking do not disappear 100% but is reduced significantly. There are no long term studies carried out on vaping because of the recent development of this technology, but many researches show that is should be a preferred alternative. It not only reduces the health risk for the person smoking up almost eliminates the threat to passive smokers.

So, what are people scared of?

As with every product, a lot of the opinion about the product are dependent on what the product associates with. Because the juul is preferred by people who practice stealth vaping, it gives off an impression of being something to hide. Similarly, the juul is also associated with young adults and teenagers that have recently gotten into the habit of smoking. For this purpose, there is a stigma of negativity revolving around juuling.

On the contrary, juuling and vaping are considered the safer option as opposed to smoking and appeal to the smoking community. It is not encouraging smoking, as many believe, since those people that are already smokers go for this option. Infact, smoking numbers have decreased over the past decade, and for those that are still considering taking up this activity, vaping and juuling is definitely the more preferred alternative.

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