World No Tobacco Day 2021: Commit to Quit!

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day, created by the World Health Organisation in 1987, aims to advocate the implementation of policies aimed at reducing tobacco consumption and raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco on health.

This annual celebration keep the people well informed of the public about the dangers of tobacco use, the business practices of tobacco companies, the work of WHO to combat the tobacco epidemic, and what people around the world can do to live a healthy life and to protect future generations.

Fewer people now smoke cigarettes, but this is only because alternative forms of nicotine and tobacco delivery systems now exist. Quitting smoking is a very difficult thing. E-cigarettes are now accepted by many people for their safe use than cigarettes. Vape, also known as electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or e-cig, has increasingly popular over the last few years since invented. If you are struggling with quit smoking, then switching to vaping is a great option.

World No Tobacco Day

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For those smokers who are addicted to cigarettes, vaping is the best alternative. You can also do many tricks and have fun vaping, which has a benefit of relaxation during busy workdays. You may wonder what benefits vaping has over smoking?


The e-cigarette market has grown with fierce competition in the past few years. The vape companies released their wide range of products at a different price to offer various options to vapers. You can always choose the product that satisfied your need dependant on your budget, from disposable vapes to high-end vape mods and premium e-juices.

Plentiful Flavor Options

Nowadays pleasantly abundant E-juices with varying flavours and different nicotine concentrations are available on the market, from tobacco, menthol, fruits, desserts, beverages and candy that you can be found at almost any vape store. There are also many new flavours coming so that always allow you to try something new. 

Nicotine Intake Controllability

Plentiful E-liquids with different strengths gives you the power to control the nicotine dosage you are ingesting. E-juices come with varying nicotine concentrations range from 0mg nicotine to 36mg nicotine. You can decide how much nicotine in your vape by yourself and always land on the suitable nicotine dosage that is perfect for you, whether you prefer hight strength nicotine or nicotine-free.

Pleasant Smell

Comparing with a traditional tobacco product, the benefit of vaping is that it won’t leave the smell on your clothing and hair. That’s also the reason why some smokers tend to switch to vaping. The scent of E-juice like a desert and fruity flavour offers a refreshing and sweet sensation.

If you are a traditional smoker and looking forward to quitting smoking, we suggest you customize your own nicotine intensity and flavours for a truly personal smoking experience in a more healthy way.

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