Best Online Vape Shops in Europe

Whether you are someone who is new to vape game or someone that has been vaping for years, it can always be confusing to find the best deals for vape kits online. With the vape market quickly picking up speed, new online stores and shops keep popping up and it isn’t always clear what to look for and where to look when it comes to buying your vape kit.

Additionally, there seem to be close to zero reviews of online stores that sell vapes in Europe, this makes it even more difficult to compare and contrast sites on the same platform, as this article does. The features required to decide on the best vape store are largely dependent on personal taste. The flavors, regularity of use and even the capacity are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration before buying your vape kit.

Another very important factor that should be considered in the location of the shop and your current location. While some online stores tend to have deals for international buyers, other do not. This means that you are stuck with having to pay custom duty and tax which has well accumulate to almost the same amount as the price of the vape itself, if not more.

Hence, keeping the above factors in mind, this article compiles factors of the best online vape shops in Europe and reviews them on the basis of the following features:

  1. Pricing
  2. Online Reviews
  3. Stock Availability
  4. Customer Service

Keeping the above in mind, let’s begin!

Best Online Vape Shops in Europe


Best Online Vape Shops in EuropeJacVapour have been in the vape selling business since 2010. Not only do they provide a variety of vapes, they also sell separate batteries, tanks, coils and e-liquids. They products are known for their quality and high performance. Their e-juice comes in the following types: standard, premium, clear steam, vapourless, picNIC DIY and Liquid Zwo. These ranges are designed for amateur vapers to the very experienced.

They have a bunch of positive and 5 star reviews from clients on their website and they design and create their own e-liquids in house. In conclusion, the complete review can be summarized as following:

  • Price – 90%
  • Quality – 93%
  • Vapour Volume – 93%
  • Flavour – 90%
  • Shipping – 91%
  • Customer Service – 91%

Visit JacVapour

Vape Wild

Best Online Vape Shops in EuropeThe first thing that catches your eye about Vape Wild is the variety of juices they offer. They seem to be on a mission to make affordable juices, however while price is definitely an important factor when it comes to any purchase, a more pressing matter is if these juices are actually vapable or not.

The biggest positive feature about Vape Wild is the freedom you get when it comes to choosing your own liquid. Not a lot of online stores give you the option of choosing your nicotine level, VG content and size, this is what sets Vape Wild apart from the rest.

As for pricing, the following is a summary:

  • 10mL – $2.99
  • 30mL – $6.99
  • 60mL – $11.99
  • 120mL – $19.99
  • 240mL – $34.99
  • 480mL – $59.99

Visit Vape Wild


Best Online Vape Shops in EuropeVaposhop began as Europe’s first specialized online vaporizer store. It began providing service in 2008 in Amsterdam and now has extended its service throughout the world. VapoShop has made its name in the industry as providing only the best quality vapes, they do this by testing out each and every product before it is shipped out. It also provides fast and free shipping for orders above 50 euro.

VapoShop, being an authorized retailer, also sells high quality and a wide range of accessories and replacements for most vapes.

Reviews of VapoShop can be summarized as following:

  • Selection = 9.3
  • Location = 9.3
  • Service = 8.7
  • Price = 8.5
  • Shop Design/ Packaging = 9.0
  • Samples / Testers = 8.7
  • Labelling/ Information = 8.7
  • Quality = 8.7
  • Would you return/purchase again = 9.3

Visit VapoShop

Le Petit Vapoteur

Best Online Vape Shops in EuropeLe Petit Vapoteur is a growing online vape shop that sells both e-liquids and e-cigarettes. It offers a range of options when it comes to e-liquids, with some of their popular flavors being icy mint, cinnamon apple and tobacco.

They do not offer to sell parts of vapes such as batteries etc but rather have deals on packs. Their positive aspects include fast shipping, good quality products, same day delivery and a loyalty program.

Visit La Petit Vapoteur

Best Online Vape Shops in Europe

While is a relatively new online shop, reviews about them seem to be nothing but positive. One of the first thing you notice is how easy to use the website is – something not a lot of online shops take into consideration. Another distinctive feature about this shop is that it offers a variety of box mods, something that other online shops tend to lack.

If we talk about the pros, definitely has a good selection of products which is complimented by the good prices. Within the UK, for an order of above 20 euros, the shipping is free. The company is very professional and has very high quality products.

For the cons, the first notifiable feature is that there is no money-back guarantee on their products. Secondly, there isn’t much about the actual company – who runs it and how it started – on the website. Adding something like a brief history and company vision always helps new customers make a decision.


We hope you enjoyed the article. Please share your experience in comments below. Maybe you know some great online vape shop in EU?

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