Best Vape Tanks

If you are finding the best Vape tank, then you are on right place. Ecigopedia is researching the Vape tanks on the market to help you find the best for your kind of favorite vaping. The following Vape tanks are highly top rated in different categories, i.e.

  1. MTL Clearomizers
  2. Ohm Sub Tanks
  3. RTA

Our selection is based on our team’s many years of vaping experience. Please check our vape information page at the bottom, you will find the best vape of your choice there.

Best Vape Tanks

Aspire Nautilus X
best vape tanks

The Nautilus X was long expected to follow the original Nautilus vaping, which was very much popular. It works essentially like a Nautilus; however, it has some additional features, like a coil of latest type, the upper or top airflow and last of all: top-filling.

The airflow setting is not fixed like the original, but somewhat it provides a looser draw as compare to Nautilus mini. The new coils offer the same great taste and are better to use thicker and VG high liquids. The design is very great and leak resistant.

With European restrictions TPD in mind, the Nautilus-X was designed; as a result, it has the limited capacity of the juice. Since its introduction, Aspire has created a conservatory that it can’t meet these laws and is a Vape tank which holds almost 4ml.

Pros Cons
Compatible with TPD 2 ml capacity (4 ml extension separately available)
Low profile and elegant design Difficult to control Airflow, to see/find
Management of high-VG liquid
Improved air circulation
Simply to remove the O-rings
Super easy to fill

GET Aspire Nautilus X 

best vape tanksInnokin Prism T22

The Innokin went back to the fundamentals with Prism T-22 Vape tank, but without making of any necessary improvements. Although this vapor tank is designed for beginners, advanced vapers can also enjoy its simplicity in design and functionality.

Prism T-22 provides a mouth-to-lung experience which gives the user a similar way of giving a drag of a cigarette sense experience. The construction is 22 mm and contains 4.5 ml e-liquid. Because of the 1.2-ohm head coil (which is a high capacity) this tank vapes juice.

Like the T-18 kit, T-22 has more juice and mod that comes with an improved battery life. Apart from this, the tanks are very identical. We recommend the T-18 for anyone who wants Mouth-to-Lung Vape tank in more pen-style and solid form.

Pros Cons
Ideal for beginners Un-adjustable
Good Production of Vapor/Flavor
4.5mL Hold

GET Innokin Prism T22 

best vape tanksJoyetech Cubis Pro

For Mouth-to-lung vapers, Cubis Pro is an option but it can be used also for Direct Lung Vaping. Like the original Cubis, this tank has a unique vaping top filling line and highest airflow that significantly reduces leakage. For MTL vaping, the LVC 1.5 Ohm coil is wonderful.

It is available in a variety of colors; The Cubis is easy to fill thanks to its top-coil system. Joyetech is a solid vapor tank for MTL as well as DL at best affordable price.

Pros Cons
Very Easy to fill The average vapor production
At a reasonable price
A variety of colors

GET Joyetech Cubis Pro

best vape tanksAspire Nautilus Mini

Nautilus Mini remains an innovative Vape tank to this day. Through the adjustable airflow, Aspire took Mouth-to-Lung Vaping to the next level of Vaping. Now it’s difficult to find such a Vape tank with this feature.

Another improvement by Aspire was the vapor tank out of durable Pyrex glass making and also BVC coils utilizing for producing superior flavor to your distinctive clearomizer. No doubt, Aspire has made the Nautilus X great but Mini is still one of the top finest MTL tanks on which you can spend your hand earned money with satisfaction.

Pros Cons
Adjustable airflow fits upwards  Threaded glass container
Good flavor  It can be difficult to disarm
Great vapor production O-rings are difficult to clean as well as remove
Good for Vapers MTL
Well-mannered Liquid Capacity

GET Aspire Nautilus Mini

Best Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks (for more clouds)

best vape tanksHalo Reactor Tank

Halo reactor tank has a high capacity of (5 ml), easy to use, light and cost-effective secondary ohm tank. Mega reactor provides plenty of flavor and large amounts of clouds for the people who are cloud chaser. Reactor comes in an elegant black finish or stainless steel. Halo also has some of the best e-liquid around, so make sure to try it for very pleasant vaping experience along with high VG.

Pros Cons
Capacity of 5mL No top filling
Flavor is Amazing
Massive clouds
Reasonably priced

best vape tanksUwell Crown

Probably at the top of 2015 sub ohm vape tank used a screw cap to fill before the top fill a standard feature of most sub ohm tanks. The factory coil heads vape well in a wide energy range good at 50 watts but they are capable of 100 watts. It is the best sub-tanks ever made for the flavor.

Pros Cons
Top Filling Leaks sometimes after filling
Excellent performance  Unattractive market tank
The coils are good and long term
A wide range of watts

GET Uwell Crown

best vape tanksVapor2 Trinity Vape Mod

The new Vapor2 Trinity kit is an exciting entry into the market of box mod. The Vapor2 kit features a 40W compact ergonomic designed coupled with a Vape 2ml tank (supplied with coils of 1.2ohm and 0.8). The box mod itself is amongst the smallest on the market but it still feels solid and well built. The tank can be easily filled from above by removing the upper top cap delrin. The Vapor2 is perfect for those looking for a compact box vapers mod, portable and a tank that is compacted, but still feed clouds chucks with huge amounts of flavor.

Pros Cons
Size is Compact Battery Life
High Quality Build
Easy to navigate the menu
Choice of coil 1.2ohm and 0.8ohm
Tank fills up easily


best vape tanksHalo Mini Reactor

The Halo Mini Reactor is the like a small brother of Halo Reactor tank because of its features and shape etc. This is ideal for those who are looking for a sub ohm tank in small size and diameter. Mini reactor is well suited for smaller vap mods. Its lower capacity structured has a top fill function which means the re-filling is very easy. Despite its small size, the mini-reactor still chucks large vapor clouds. With Halo Reactor, the flavor is excellent and if used with high VG line, it would be outstanding vape.

Pros Cons
Small tank size E-Liquid capacity
Amazing taste
Massive clouds
Top filling

best vape tanksInnokin Axiom

Axiom is by Innokin compact vape tank, which works particularly well with low power – 40W or less. The tank is equipped with the RBA deck and can build a single coil or double.

Pros Cons
Compact size Functions better with the RBA deck (as RTA) with factory heads (as clearomizer tank)
Clean and simple Proprietary drip tip
Great at low power performance
Includes RBA deck
Good for small dimensions

GET Innokin Axiom

best vape tanksApollo Pulsar

The Pulsar Apollo is distinctive for the current generation of Sub Ohm vape tanks. The first sub tanks would use Kanthal wire with questionable materials for coil heads; the Pulsar utilizes Clapton wire with organic cotton wicks for enhanced performance. It includes control of e-liquid, the upper and lower airflow. The Pulsar is designed for easy adjustments without opening the fluid chamber, which means faster and smoother adjustments.

Pros Cons
Fast changing system fast winding An unknown brand as compared to other sub ohm clearomizer tanks
Excellent flavor
4.0 ml capacity
Adjustable upper and lower airflow
Good quality performance

GET Apollo Pulsar 

best vape tanksAspire Cleito

Aspire was the first manufacturer to launch a sub ohm vaping tank to the market in Atlantis. The Cleito is the latest Aspire sub tank and certainly the best. Coil heads have been completely redesigned and now as part of each head includes chimney. The recommended power range is limited, but Cleito is a great mid-power tank.

Pros Cons
Cheap Top cap gets hot
Good performance at mid-power Without emptying tank, one cannot replace the heads
Simple design Proprietary drip tip
Very good flavor

GET Aspire Cleito

best vape tanksSMOK Micro TFV8 Baby Beast

SMOK is the recent entry in effort to lead the high-power, cloud-chasing segment of the sub ohm Vape tank in the market. As the younger brother of TFV8 tank full-size, this baby animal does perform fine in a more compact package by providing intense flavor and rich vapor. With several advanced head coils and 22 mm diameter Vape tank, it is almost the same size as the mini TFV4.

Pros Cons
High performance for taste and steam The container gets heated at higher power
Small size The performance is not much better compared to the previous SMOK TF Tanks
Cheap in some online providers E-liquids consumptions require frequent refilling
Top turning cap patented SMOK coating

GET SMOK Micro TVF8 Baby Beast

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