YES to vaping – that’s what Canadians say!

Canadian researchers joined U.K. in rejecting American tobacco control and regulation ideology, by embracing vaping as a positive substitution for smoking, making it a great alternative.

Researchers of University of Victoria conclude that fear of vaping being a gateway to smoking, saying that that is unfounded. Instead, the researchers conclude that e-cigarettes are actually replacing smoking rather than encouraging it.

If we take a look to public health from different perspective, it’s even positive to see youth thinking and moving towards a less harmful way to tobacco smoking.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded a reviews titled Clearing the Air: A systematic review on the harms and benefits of e-cigarettes and vapour devices. This review, made by University of Victoria PhD candidate Ren Leary, along with Marjorie MacDonald and Tim Stockwell concludes that e-cig vapor is much safer than tobacco smoke, containing only some of the dangerous chemicals in smoke, and at far lower levels. Although, review has a positive outcome, the still note that some potentially dangerous vapor constituents haven’t been fully studied yet.

It’s pretty obvious that the public has been misled about the risks of e-cigarettes. Still, many people think of them as dangerous and harmful as smoking regular tobacco, but the evidence shows that this is completely false. The researchers recommend that Canadian health authorities accurately communicate to the public the relative risk of vapor products versus the known dangers of smoking. Their suggestion is that public health should develop strategies to help smokers find affordable, safe vapor products.

The report also recommends that Canadian regulation of vapour devices be driven by best available evidence with a view to supporting improved public health outcomes and that policy should not be driven by ungrounded fears of a at gateway effect but, rather, be geared towards helping tobacco smokers quit and ensuring that only the safest devices are legally available, thereby reducing harm for both direct and second hand exposure.

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