Best 5 Nic Salts Available For Aussie Vapers

Best 5 Nic Salts Available For Aussie Vapers

Nic salts came into existence to serve one basic purpose– More nicotine at a much lower dosage. In other words, total fun minus the side effects of freebase nicotine.

For over years, they have been significantly popular across vapers of all age groups owing to their smooth hit like no other vape liquids.

Nic salts used for vaping also get picked by the bloodstream real fast, which means you get the similar sensation of nicotine with much smaller dosage, quite reminiscent of smoking tobacco infused cigarettes. Thus, it serves to be a worthy smoking cessation tool for one and all and continues to entice one and all every day.

In Australia alone, we see an increasing number of smokers turn towards nic salts to quit their habit of smoking. So, we thought let’s get your introduction to a roundup of 5 best nic salt brands out there, and how they differ from one another.

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is an UK basedNic salt product and is undeniably one of the heavyweight brands in the vaping industry. After getting launched in 2016, it earned a considerable amount of repute for itself as one of the most sought after e liquid brands in the world , courtesy their master formulation that has never failed to offer a refreshing line up of dessert and fruit based e liquids.

Dr Frost Salts

Best 5 Nic Salts Available For Aussie Vapers

Dr Frost Nic Salts brings forth an amazing blend of finest Malaysisan style flavours that you can’t afford to miss. Unlike other fruit inspired nic salts, Dr Frost likes to keep its products less weety to ensure the essence of nicoptione stays intact. Dr Frost Salts are an excellent option for anyone trying their hand first time with a vaping device like pods and other starter kits.

Fresh Farms

Best 5 Nic Salts Available For Aussie Vapers

A California based brand, Fresh Farms offers a wide array of fruit-infusednicotine e liquid NZ that serves as a signature characteristic. Every single product that comes out of the house is handcrafted  and offers a pure wide range of flavours blend  of best flavours to give you the right kick of nicotine. Choose from the house of Fresh Farms to tantalize yourself.

Fresh Farms Fruitia

Best 5 Nic Salts Available For Aussie Vapers

Another great offering from the house of Fresh Farms e-liquids, this particular brand of nic salts takes its inspiration from local islands  and rests its case as a top shelf nic salt infused with the finest breed of ingredients. They are an excellent pick for all low wattage vaping devices  and ready to offer you a blast of fruit packed flavours that lingers for long.

Riot Squad Slat

Best 5 Nic Salts Available For Aussie Vapers

While everyone else is eyeing for the regular fruity touch across their innovative range of nic salts, Riot Squad, much true to its name, prefers to walk the other way. Instead of chasing the easy going flavours, they prefer indulging the buyers into something different. From sweety, sour and even icy, Riot squad nic salt is certainly not your regular, bland single note e-juice. In other words, it packs in pure passion, high drama, and extremely functional to offer you the satisfaction you desire.

There you go with some of the best nicotine salt brands that are out there that promises a wholesome and fulfilling experience for one and all vapers looking to buy nicotine e liquid Australia.

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