Is Vape Risky Business In Australia?

Is Vape Risky Business In Australia

Ever since the federal government’s decision on e-cigarettes and vape liquids have come into place, vaping on a whole has taken a backseat in Australia.

Nevertheless, as an obvious aftermath, experts have stated how the decision brings forth more harm than good in its trail. It’s only obvious how e -cigarettes and vaping is preferred by several individuals as an effective smoking cessation tool. While there remains no trade off for bulk vape supplies in this case, the government’s rationale on the matter seems to be fueled by two basic reasons :

  • Quite a significant number of nicotine poisoning cases were reported in the recent past leading to fatalities, including the death of a kid back in 2018. The flip side to the story is how an increasing number of users will now be forced to illicitly import vaping liquids which may or may not be labelled safe.
  • The other reason that made the government adopt such stern measures is the increasing percentage of vaping among school goers, particularly among the age group of fourteen and eighteen.

    Now, it’s always a welcome measure when the government is looking to keep people out of harm’s way. However, one must remember that vaping with premium e liquid Australiaas an uber cool addiction, and promoted across communities, has made it possible to do away with the habit of smoking. While most youngsters take to smoking  as a  means to experiment, vaping has genuinely replaced things for greater good.

But,it’s not a sad tale afterall. Despite the ban on nicotine-infused products, one can still import nicotine via a prescription and following the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) Personal Importation Scheme.

As such, any Eliquid manufacturer that is likely to promote an array of bulk vape supplies with therapeutic benefit will invariably need to obtain an approval from the TGA before they sell stuff.

In this post, we mull over the why, how, what of vaping, and whether it poses a risk as a business on Australian soil. Read on.

Vaping and safety under spotlight

Extensive research over the years include the ill effects of smoking tobacco. However, when it comes to accessing vaping, there isn’t a similar amount of data available to make a statement .

However, vaping has been around for a considerable amount of time to conclude that vapers are way more safe than running the risk of being exposed to a handful of carcinogenic compounds, like smokers do.

Sure, vaping and safety cannot be explained in the same breath, but when it comes to quitting smoking, vaping will always have an upperhand in the discussion.

Take a cue from the UK, where vaping as a hobby or as an alternative method to quit smoking has grown tremendously over the past few years. Reviews coming from the public health department have confirmed how vaping is at least ninety five percent less harmful when pitted against smoking tobacco-infused cigarettes.

Such reports have inherently impacted the public health policy of England with the National Statistics Office of UK confirming the rate of smoking being brought down to 14.7 % from 20.2% in well over the years, from 2018 to 2011. Such is never the scenario where vaping is banned.

The future of vaping business in Australia

Outstanding the legality of vaping and e-cigarettes, there are still nicotine infused products available across Australia. Vape wholesale retailers float the black market which makes potentially dangerous products coming into circulation, without a strong hand to regulate. 

So, does that mean vaping in the near future will be labelled as unsafe and risky business in Australia? 

Well, here’s the fun bit.

No matter what, vaping communities online have come forward to play a rather crucial role in identifying cleanroom ejuice lab products that do away with the “unsafe” tag. Such products are essentially those which have been declared safe and have been cleared by the governments of other countries  before they are brought into circulation. While the lookout for premium e liquid Australia will always be a tricky affair, people dealing with bulk vape supplies or vape wholesale products will have to source their stuff from a reputed E liquid manufacturing company.

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