Can Vaping Vitamins Improve Your Health?

Can Vaping Vitamins Improve Your Health

You know how they say smoking kills.

Well, what about vaping?

Is it a safer alternative? Are there any side effects ?

There’s no easy answer to such questions. So as to say, everything in abundance does bring in some amount of detrimental effect in its trail.

Vaping isn’t any exception either.

The very first iteration of what one calls a modern day vape owes it to a man called Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. His idea to develop vape products was simple–to replace nicotine patches as a way to cut down his own excessive smoking habit. That was the original intention of vaping anyway before it went mainstream across uber cool youngsters, occasional smokers, and created a breed of loyalists like nowhere else.

And why not ? Given the fact that vaping, unlike tobacco infused cigarettes, does not contain  harmful carcinogens that wreak havoc for your body.

Nevertheless, there’s more to the story.

Vaping, although envisioned as a gateway drug to replace traditional smoking, didn’t quite receive a welcome hug from medical researchers and scientists alike.
As mentioned earlier, studies showed over dependency on vaping products left smokers with dangerous aftermath like popcorn lungs and weakened immunity.

Delightfully, vaping introduced a wellness spin with smoking B12

 just a few years back. Since then, the trend has picked up like hotcakes.

The goodness of Vitamins for e liquids and diffuser pens

With a penchant to influence healthy lifestyle choices for e-liquid users, Australian based company, Inhale Vitamins introduced a slew of proprietary formulas infused with the Vitamin B12  and multiple herbs promoting different sensations. What offers a different spin to these products is their total abstinence from nicotine. Inhale Vitamins offer three exciting range of products,  namely:

●     Calm–A fine blend of  Vitamin B12, Lavender, Chamomile, Passionflower and Peppermint that claims to build immunity  and bring your stress levels down to zero. Available both as e-liquids (flavours include Apple+Mint, Strawberry, Grape) as well as vitamin B12 vape pen (flavours include Blueberry and Strawberry).

●     Energy– The Energy range of products unleashes the  essence of stimulants that are abundantly grown in nature, like Guarana and caffeine. Along with Vitamin B12, they infuse to offer a fine blend like nothing else in comparison. Available in flavours like Blue Raspberry and Banana.

●     Vitamin Babe– Targeted more towards instilling a touch of well being factor for women, Vitamin Babe range witnesses an eclectic mix of Vitamin B12, Chaste Tree Berry, Lemon Balm and Rose Flower. 

How to use e liquids and Vitamin B12 Pen

Unlike e liquids that can be poured inside your vaping pod, diffuser pens are rather a much portable choice. If you are someone who’s considering inhaling from a diffuser pen for your daily dosage of Vitamin B12, you will need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Start by popping out the cap of the diffuser pen.
  • Slide out the diffuser pen and keep it in a dry place.
  • Now, start inhaling through your mouth and feel the natural calmness it induces
  • Exhale through your nose to complete the process.

While a lot is being said about smoking vitamins– the good, the good and the ugly, the fact that it qualifies as a great alternative to traditional smoking and nicotine vaping for that matter, requires no further reassurance.

Undeniably, Inhaling Vitamins has introduced to the market an innovative line of products that holds a cue to better your health standards by addressing the deficiency of Vitamin B12  responsible for several important body functions. A perfect choice for anyone who despises injections and popping pills on a regular basis.

Plus, every single product, e liquid or a herbal diffuser pen is extremely vegan friendly, relies on the power of natural ingredients and promises rapid intake limited to five to ten breaths in a day.

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