FDA Relax Regulations Concerning Vaping?!

Although experts would agree that we are still a long way from knowing everything there is to know about the potential impact of e-cigarettes on health, there is one thing that they can agree on, and that is that smoking kills. Since numerous studies have shown that using vapes is considerably safer for both the smoker themselves and also for the public in general, a change in the regulations now appears to be in order. So, it’s good news for vapers everywhere that the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) has recently announced that it will be relaxing some of the most stringent regulations surrounding the use of e-cigs.

FDA Relax Regulations Concerning Vaping?!

Moves To Tackle Nicotine Addiction

In their brand new roadmap designed to regulate the use of tobacco products, the FDA has finally moved their focus away from vaping and instead towards tackling nicotine addiction. This is a relief for supporters of vaping, since the FDA regulations which were announced last year surrounding the use of e-cigarette products were extremely draconian. In fact, there were concerns that the industry could be severely affected and that current smokers could be put off quitting because of them. Luckily, it appears that the agency has seen the error of its ways, and has now changed tack, putting the focus on nicotine with the admittance that, among the many methods through which the addictive substance can be delivered, tobacco cigarettes are by far the most unhealthy.

Harmful Chemical Compounds

The FDA Commissioner himself has pointed out that the chemical compounds contained in tobacco, together with the smoke produced during tobacco combustion, are the primary cause of ill – Health and indeed, death, rather than nicotine. He also pointed out that, despite the many unanswered questions surrounding the risks and benefits of vaping, the fact that this relatively new technology can deliver nicotine in a manner which eradicates the deadly consequence of combusting tobacco and breathing in its harmful smoke has to be seen as a positive. The FDA’s latest strategy is therefore to work on lowering the amount of nicotine contained in regular cigarettes in an attempt to prevent addiction in the first place. The long term aim is to prevent young people from immediately becoming hooked straight after smoking for the first time. As part of the plan, the tobacco industry will be required to reduce the amount of nicotine in their cigarette products while the companies who manufacture e-cigs will be granted a further extension of their applications for their product’s approval.

No Encouragement Of A Vaping Boom

However, the FDA’ reinforced commitment to encouraging any innovation which can potentially have a significant impact on the public’s health still doesn’t mean that the agency will be enabling a boom in vaping. There will still be work carried out by the agency to work on developing higher product standards to prevent the risks known to be linked to e-cigarettes. This includes issues such as batteries which explode and the prevention of children’s access to sweet tasting e-juices. They will also be looking for additional input from the public regarding some elements of their new plan, such as whether flavored tobacco products such as cherry or menthol cigarettes have a role to play in encouraging young people to start smoking. As part of this strategy, they will also be looking into how they can best regulate sweet e-cig flavors such as gummy bear or bubble gum that kids could find appealing.

A Move Towards A Positive Future For Vapers

Although the FDA still won’t be encouraging people to go out and vape as much as they want, this new shift is certainly a positive move towards the recognition of e-cigs as an innovative method of delivering nicotine, and also towards acknowledging that the regulators must tackle their use differently. It is evident to see that the FDA is now recognizing that the majority of disease and death which is caused by tobacco is as a result of nicotine addiction. By envisioning a time when cigarettes will be no longer able to create or prolong addiction and other less harmful methods such as e-cigarettes could be used instead for the delivery of nicotine, they are taking key steps towards a more vape-friendly future.

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