Kanger iKEN Review, 230W, 5100mAh

As a pioneer in the vape industry, KangerTech has been manufacturing vape machines for almost a decade. With the new version of the IKEN kit, the brand focused on design improvements that mitigate common frustrations. Its customized design and functionality is the attempt of KangerTech to appeal to beginners, intermediaries and advanced. Besides, they have done an incredible job. So let’s take a closer look on Kanger iKEN Review.

Kanger iKEN Review

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x MOD
  • 1 x tank
  • 1 x additional coil
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 USB charger


Temperature range: 200 ° F to 600 ° F TFT color display 1.54″
Atomizer resistance range: 0.10Ω to 5.0Ω Compatible with 25mm diameter
Operating modes: VW / NI / TI / SS / TCR (M1, M2) Works with 5mm to 7mm pins
Built-in 5100 mAh battery Dimensions: 24 mm x 36 mm
230 Watt output power Tank capacity: 4 mL
Multifunction mode selection Top filling line
Dimensions: 44mm x 42mm x 78mm Airflow U
Weight: 211 g Two adjustable upper air slots
Made of zinc alloy Uses SSOCC coils

Kanger iKEN Review in Depth

kanger iken review

TFT Display

The IKEN kit is the new KangerTech vape configuration which consists of the powerful IKEN Box Mod and the revolutionary IKEN container. This appealing feature is immediately recognizable as a KangerTech offer; the brand always chooses bright and powerful colors in newer designs. The mod has a large color LCD (TFT) that is resistant to vibration and has relatively conservative power consumption as its generous size. In addition, KangerTech also has a 510 connector with spraying pins up to 7 mm in length and 25 mm in diameter.

The curved zinc alloy chassis accommodates an enormous 5100 mAh internal battery that delivers 230 watts of power and supports longer screwing times and greatly enhanced monitoring capability. The supplied IKEN reservoir consists of 24 mm x 36 mm stainless steel housing and has a 100% watertight design, which means that it’s not leaking at all and it has been carefully tested in more than 500 independent tests to support this requirement.

“U” Airflow

kanger iken review

Another feature of this design is the “U” airflow technique, where the airflow enters the chamber through two adjustable air inlets at the top, then down and wraps around the sides, forming a “U” shape. Apparently this design produces a more intense taste experience and a massive steam production. A feature further enhanced by the inclusion of a large diameter drip tip.

According to Kanger product was tested for 3 months plenty of times and they didn’t notice any leaking. So we can consider this tank as no-leaking tank.


kanger iken review

3x iKEN modes

The operating modes include the power mode, the temperature control mode and the TCR mode, the settings of which can be stored in two memory locations. However, it is the inclusion of a “mode of competency” parameter which differentiates this mod from the rest, giving users the option to choose their own operating mode, be it “beginner“, “intermediate” or “expert“.

It sounds like an intuitive steam kite! As far as I can tell, the IKEN kit is an “all in size”. And if quality and price remain competitive, we could see that steam kits like these are becoming more and more common in the coming months.

In its effort to meet the needs of all vapers, KangerTech designed the IKEN with three modes of ability to choose from. You can choose the “Beginner” mode, the “Intermediate” mode or the “Expert” mode, depending on your skills and knowledge. Each mode has several options that correspond to the selected skill level.

Modes Guide

  1. Press the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn the device display ON and repeat the step o turn OFF as well.
  2. Press the fire button and the down button simultaneously for 2 seconds for different interface selection: beginner / intermediate / Expert. Choose Beginner.
  3. Enter the main menu and the TFT display shows the power, the resistance, the V / voltage, the puffs (after inflating 999 times the number of puffs to 0), the setting time view and the battery level. The user can change the performance by pressing “+”
  1. Press the fire button and the down button simultaneously for 2 seconds, in the mode selection interface and select Intermediate. The main menu and the TFT display show performance / temperature, resistance, Voltage, impacts, rotation time and battery life. The user can easily adjust Power / Temperature by pressing +
  2. Press the fire button 3 times within 2 seconds to change between VW Ni / Ti / SS modes.
  1. Press the power button and the down button simultaneously for 2 seconds, enter the mode selection interface and select Expert, then enter the ML mode and the TFT display shows the power / temperature, resistance, voltage, Vaping time and battery power.
  2. The user can also switch between M1 and ​​M2 by pressing the fire button 5 times in 2 seconds, not even that but also the user can easily configure the temperature as well as wattage of their choice in different seconds. i.e. From 1 to 10 seconds.

Long story short – Summary

The KangerTech IKEN is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy-to-use, powerful vaporizer that offers thick vapor and deeply flavored features. With a huge internal battery of 5100 mAh and a wide range of useful features, the IKEN is really in a clean league. Check out Best Vape Shops so you can get the best deal on Kanger iKEN.

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I hope you enjoyed the Kanger iKEN Review. Share your experience in comments below.

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