GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Review

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Review

The vaping world has indeed experienced quite a tremendous technological advancement and one of such novel developments is the Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC Mod. It is one of GeekVape’s new releases and it shows the new manufacturing direction in design and cool features.

One of its great features is the internal and dual-cell 3700mAh battery which could be fully recharged for 15 minutes only. As much as it takes little time to charge, it is also quite durable as it can last for up to 2 days before the next recharge. The GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod has a rapid charge feature as a result of the 65W PD charger that accompanies it.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Review

The charger has dual function as it not only charges the device, but also acts as a safety valve, preventing overheating. The new Obelisk Mod kit is also highly functional as it acts as a power bank. This could come in handy as vape users could install the USB-C cable to recharge other portable and digital devices such as airpods, smartphones, and the likes. Thus, the vape device could be a supplemental power system in times of emergency!

As much as the Obelisk 120 FC may not look specifically different from other regular mods, it is quite different in convenient and advanced features, in that the GeekVape Company has never designed any vape product to have such amazing features. GeekVape has taken a monumental leap from external water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and indestructible designs to internal innovations that will ensure the vaping experience is conveniently done.

Compared to other past GeekVape devices, the Obelisk 120 FC Mod Kit is much slimmer. The mod is up to 130mm length (without the tank included) and it is also as wide as 27mm. Given the mod kit’s in-built battery, there is no available removable panel to change the battery. Thus, this gives the exterior an unblemished look, making it appear elegant.

GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Review


The Obelisk 120 FC Mod Kit is a newly released vape device that comes with many cool features and accessories which it needs to be functional. Different users around the world will specifically receive different types of USB-PD charging wall mount and there’s also the alternative to charge the vape device with the regular USB-C cable.

Main Features:

  • OTG reverse charge
  • 15 minutes fast charging for two days use
  • USB PD safe charging, USB-C direct charging
  • Leakproof top-to-bottom airflow system
  • Quick slide coil design for easy operation


  • Dimensions: 128.5 x 49 x 27mm
  • Advanced AS FC Chipset
  • Fast and Safe Charging System
  • Intuitive Fire Button
  • Type-C USB Charging Port
  • 3700 In-built battery
  • Wattage Range: 5 – 120W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0ohm


With the GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Mod Kit, vaping just got better. It is quite suitable for both newbie and expert vapers as well! You can buy it from this wonderful vape store.

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