IJOY ELF MTL Tank Review

IJOY seems to have been very busy, lately, with much attention on large sub-ohm tanks, powerful Mods (like Zenith 300W) and great RDAs as well as RDTAs. Under this titanium, it is easy to look relatively on this small ELF MTL tank. ELF MTL Tank is exactly what you can expect from the name (a small tank of 2 ml), that would provide the mouth-to-lung particularly important for many former smokers who seek a similar experience. Many have tried to duplicate the MTL but have failed. It is particularly frustrating for MTL vapers and the search can be expensive.

I understood that this tank is similar to the Nautilus 2 and take the Mini Nautilus coils. I do not have that tank, so I’ll go over what is going on.

IJOY ELF MTL Tank Review

Kit Content & Specifications

Kit Content Specifications
ELF tank Size: 53 mm x 22 mm
One coil 0.7Ω (pre-installed) Volume: 2 ml
One coil 0.5Ω Material: stainless steel
Replacement glass Pin gold plated 510
Replacement O-rings
User Guide
Warning card

First Impression

The first impression of this small tank is a nice experience, its body is made of stainless steel with a gold-plated pin 510 and the fitting as well as finishing is very good. The ELF has little weight and capacity is 2 ml, so it is compatible with the EU. Normally, I would call it negative, but I hope 2 ml of liquid for MTL tank at low power is sufficient. ELF has a single set of holes in the base with the AFC ratcheting ring. The smaller hole is so small that I didn’t even try to measure it, but it seems more than half a millimeter, perhaps smaller. The remaining holes are about one millimeter in size up or more.

Tank accepts any standard 510 drip-tip but you probably will not have tried the other the included tip – it’s soft, rounded shape has an incredibly comfortable mouth feel. I used the tip provided.

Finally, I am promoted by the coil resistances values,

  1. 7 ohm
  2. 5 ohm

This means that you will probably get a recharge time from a small modulation, all the day.


This should be easy. I assembled my ELF to my O-mod SMOK under 40W and with vanilla sauce VG max with 3 mg nicotine. I checked the proper functioning of the MTL directly, so I set the mod to 15 watts by utilizing the pre-installed 0.7 ohm Nautilus style coil. I click on the ring airflow and had to wait few minutes for my coils to saturate. I was happy to see the first result of it. Not too hot, good taste and vapor with neat throat hit. I open the AFC to check the next largest air holes and took another drag. I got a little less warmth and throat hit but the ELF was more restrictive with a decent taste.

With more than three exposed air holes, I believe the ELF is more effective for MTL vaping. Fully open with five holes exposed, ELF provides a very restrictive lung hit, but obviously not enough. Just to see, I power up to 30 watts, with outside and take Vape. It’s warm, with a little vapor, but after a few shots, it begins to take a caramelized flavor, almost burnt.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Smart and Stylish Changing the coils with a full tank can be difficult
Define and pleasant finish
Pointe drip rounded resin
EU Compliant
Good performance
Compatible with Nautilus Mini

Long story short – Summary

ELF reminds the SMOK tank but with a narrower drip edge. Both containers are 2ml of a metal sleeve with covering the tank. I have the same pattern of black and stainless steel color. The cynics among us have noticed that I had only 1″dislike”. You can argue that the fluid is not enough, not lung direct hits that give clouds for days and you would be right. I would suppose by being reminded that the ELF is not meant to be used for anything like that, and I ask you to stay away. In its intended use, I can’t really find any negative.

True to its name, this small tank features in delivering a fortuitous MTL draw, but can also be opened for a restrictive lung hit. The ELF is easy to use, it doesn’t leak and is ideal for those who do not want to complain or pod mods or tired of throwing cig-a-likes. Also this tank is designed like Nautilus Mini 2 and has the same advantages / disadvantages. Among the different prices I see online, ELF is somewhat cheaper than the Nautilus Mini 2. You should go for it if you want.

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