Best RTAs in Vaping

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, they resemble to the subohm tanks inside RBA, but generally the RTA does not come with a pre-made option of coils and usually offer more flexibility in your experience of vaping. With countless possibilities for wicking channels, build decks, tank capacities as well as coil configuration for e-liquid, RTA can be the best experience for the convenience, performance and control of your vape.

If you are not familiar what is RTA, we suggest to read the article “What is RTA in Vaping

The recent influx of RTAs quality on the market is proof of a growing trend in the vape industry. The vapers want their tanks as well as the efficiency and control! Overall, with the RTAs, if you want your isn’t working fine then you have to just go back to the drawing board and rebuild it without using another coil head, which means spend more money!

This is a list of best RTA vape which will be a guide for those who want to start in the vape with subohm tanks or begin with RTAs. Also, users can easily customize the RDA tanks which have now many rebuildable tank atomizers and are increasingly designed like build decks in drippers.

We have this list to show the best RTAs we see as a solid choice increasingly saturated in a market. For now this list is in the order of the lowest to the highest. Updates and changes are made continuously and quickly.

Best RTAs in Vaping

Pharaoh Dripper Tank by Rip Trippers/Digiflavor

best rtas in vapingThe popular author of Rip Trippers has been assigned with Digiflavor (GeekVape) to create the Pharoah Dripper Tank. The Pharoah 25mm diameter cover has a unique design that enable single as well as double coils in a variety of configurations. The cover has two poles with spring clamps operated to hold the coil heads. As required by the manufacturer, the fill ports and unique wick can be opened or closed. The airflow configurations are endless, with three adjustable central rectangular slots dimensions of 5mm x 2.5mm each, both styles the mouth of the lung adaptation (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). The positive connection is gold plated for stability at temperature control (TC) and PEEK insulator clamp will remain up to the high performance cloud. Three tips drip drop options to complete versatility: a hole of 11.5 mm wide with SpitBack protection, a selection of 10 mm and an adapter 510 for those who add their own tip dripping.

The only drawback is the 2 ml capacity, which could be small in the process of filling. Both the clouds and taste production is astrophysical. For vapers that are looking for an interesting new atomizer which creativity in builds with a certain capacity, Tank Pharoah Dripper can be the best option for them.

Pros Cons
Versatile cover for many designs Very small capacity
Direct contact capacity of the lungs and mouths
Simple Wicking
Do extremely well at flavor as well as clouds

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Limitless RDTA by iJoy

best rtas in vapingThis RDTA from iJoy is very exciting with standard pole Velocity style, this great deck is right on the coil, even for beginners! And it can easily fit large extravagant coils. It has two side airflow on both sides of the top cover as RDA. The airflow can be easily adjusted by rotating the lid and allows a comfortable direct lung (DTL) to inhale when opened. Limitless RDTA seems to be for the fantastic taste, but definitely a nice cloud too! Great RTA performance ratio.

Pros Cons
Double coil Guzzle Juice
Similar to Genny’s design
Style 2 cover with Velocity
Ability to store 4 ml
The regulation of the dual airflow
For the taste according flavor

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Serpent Mini RTA by Wotofo

best rtas in vapingSerpent Mini is a small but simply incredible single-coil RTA by Wotofo. Wotofo brought a series of exciting, affordable products. One of their best product is Mini Serpent which is cover with two opposing poles converts single coils into one breeze to install. Posts holes are large enough to accommodate a coil of Clapton.

The air hole in the Cyclops style cover reaches 4 mm. Its sufficient power supplied by two huge air slots in the bottom. The RTA Mini Serpent has Juice control which has been activated by a controlled upper ring ensuring perfect saturation of the wick and top filling. It is available in silver and black.

Pros Cons
Easy filling from top The airflow isn’t very open
Taste and Cloud Dense
Deck of single coil
Clamp posts

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Griffin 25mm RTA by GeekVape

best rtas in vapingWith the release of Griffin RTA, GeekVape took the world of vaping on peak and returns with a version of 25mm. The update atomizer came back within 2 versions

  1. With Top Airflow
  2. Without Top Airflow

Its structure is suitable for double or single coil with the handy adapter and was increased to 17 mm enormously. Griffin 25 retains the style of velocity deck with 4 holes of 2 mm. The airflow in the coils is extended by 3.5 mm in the coils up to 4.4 mm and is fed by two lower slots 13 mm adjustable per 2 mm. The capacity of E-liquid was doubled from 3 ml to 6 ml or 6.2 ml in the RTA 25 mm. A stable compound for use in temperature control (TC) made with PEEK insulation and gold plated 510 pin in the United States. It creates fantastic flavor and a whole cloud throw. The RTA is suitable for beginners as well as advanced builder with a wicking and simple coiling.

Pros Cons
High capacity e-Juice Tall in size
Higher versions Airflow
Several drip tip options
Unscrew the screws
Screw resists stripping
Unbelievable Vapor

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best rtas in vapingIt is the first High Power tanks in SMOK Taste Furious) (TF) of RTA. The same size as the SMOK’s original TFV4 sub-ohm clearomizer tank new 800-lb. everything on the TF-RTA is great: large coils, great taste, Design, build quality, fit / finish and performance are all of high quality. The tank is ideal for vapers for everyone.

Pros Cons
Quad Coil coverage Not for beginners
Good taste/flavor
Ideal for handling
Superior Top Cap
Innovative design


Avocado 24mm by GeekVape

best rtas in vapingGeekvape had a great success with Avocado RDTA and the 24mm version is a latest addition. It has huge cover of 21mm Velocity style can accommodate four holes 3mm 2mm and massive coils. Double capacities in the new version of a giant 5 ml. Innovative 3 mm filler holes with folding lid makes your favorite e-fluid a children’s game. Avocado 24 also has great versatility in the air options. Fully open, the adjustable measuring flow slots of the double-sided air 7 mm of 2 mm each. With its appealing structure and filling, it is suitable for beginners to advanced manufacturers.

Pros Cons
With a single coil and stunning flavor Leak if left on its side
Large vapor with a double coil structure
Great value for the price
Extremely versatile
RDA like Vapes
It looks good in most mods because of its shortness
It is completely disassembled for thorough cleaning

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SvoeMesto Kayfun v5

best rtas in vapingThe Kayfun RTAs been very popular among vapers for several years and Kayfun v5 continues the tradition. Less moving parts than the previous v4 allows easy disassembly, cleaning and repair, the cover’s structure has expanded from previous versions for Clapton and other fancy coils and significantly increased by 3.2 mm under the coil air hole allowing the direct 2 lung (D2L) to enjoy the v5also. The filling from above and access at any time to cover the structure without retaining the juice drain properties v4, v5, but increases the size of the supply holes juices to better allow the use of liquid and high VG. The air flow is adjusted on the outside and has four parameters,

  • 8 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 7 mm
  • 2 mm

For those who want to reduce the air hole of the lower coil, an aftermarket kit with reduced airflow is available. This kit allows wide range of configuration to best suit direct 2 lung (d2l) and Mouth 2 lung (m2l) vapors. Kayfuns have been appreciated by their owners for their excellent flavor and production.

Pros Cons
A wide range of airflow Not for Mouth-to-Lung
Tank glass options or SS
European quality
Possibility of large coils fitting
Notorious Flavor

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Vaporesso Gemini RTA

best rtas in vapingIt is a new face of tank with in the contest of the popular Geekvape Griffin RTA Griffin. As a Griffin in design and appearance, the Gemini is slightly better than most of the previous generation RTAs. The Gemini has all the features of the standard considered in the RTA market, as mentioned above. Build dual coils on the spacious deck is easy. The performance is very good. Gemini is a tank with a taste of machine clouds and the production is certainly appropriate for the average performance of a tank. In our study, the sweet spot for a simple design of the double coil was about 50 watts. So many new and great RTAs are launched this year but did not finish at the top of the heap. However, it is a very good RTA and deserves recommendation.

Pros Cons
Beautifully built Not for the clouds
Large Deck
Top-Fill is Simple
Constant power
Easy to build
Very good taste/flavor and clouds

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