Electronic Cigarette Made in USA – Let’s be Proud!

The Chinese invented the e-cigarette and may be the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturer. For these reasons, they have a big advantage in the United States in the electronic cigarette industry. However, in recent years, many e-cigarettes produced in the US have appeared, and you now have a wide range of options if you want to buy an electronic cigarette that is manufactured here, and not abroad. In this article, you will see US-made e-cigarettes that have received enough positive feedback from customers to ensure their consideration. This article now contains some of the very interesting modern personal vaporizers and Mods that were made in the United States and published after the publication of this article.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes That are Manufactured in The United States

  • Few people have the opportunity to work their own steel or aluminum, to design and reproduce their own circuits, and so on.
  • While the purchase of an e-cigarette in the United States generates revenue for a small business, e-cigarettes made in the United States can also contribute to the economy by training traders in this profession.
  • In addition, electronic cigarettes manufactured in the United States often have special features that you would not normally find in an electronic cigarette in China. For example, although batteries of products such as eGo e-cigarette may have a power of about 3.7 volts, people have tested these e-cigarettes with multimeters and found that they fall significantly below load.
  • Electronic cigarettes manufactured in the United States generally use high-quality lithium manganese batteries with a much more stable performance.
  • Other features that you can find are the ability to vary the tension for more steam and flavor and various cutting options, such as stainless steel, wood and gold plate.

Electronic Cigarettes Made in USA

VaporFi Express Starter Kit


The VaporFi Express Starter Kit is a cigar set for steamer looking for an unobtrusive and delicious Vape. The kit comes with two batteries, each with different capacity and size. a bigger one for better battery life and a smaller one for better portability. The starter kit is also supplied with a carrying case, 3 mini-tanks and the best thing is that you can create your own e-liquid (30 ml bottle). Mini Vape tanks, also called clearomizers, provide good taste and steam for small tanks. With VaporFi, you also get a 30-day money back guarantee and world-class customer service. If you’re looking for one of the best electronic cigarette kits that will taste good and come with everything you need to get started, then the Express Kit is a solid buy!

Prices: Varies

Buy from: VaporFi (10% OFF for Bundle)

Volcano Pele



The Pele is a purely mechanical mod for the seasoned e-smoker who builds his own coils and is unable to vary voltage and power. It is also the first stainless steel e-cigarette mod designed and built in Hawaii. The Pelé kit includes the Volcano Caldera Atomizer, which is also manufactured in Hawaii and designed to use Volvaco’s 35-volt Lavacell battery to support sub-ohm coils. If you would like to purchase the product a la carte, Pelé will also take over the 510-thread tank or nebulizer of your choice. The Pelé also has brass and copper connections, safety openings and a fire button.

Price: $ 139.99 (Device Only) or $ 199.99 (Complete Package)

Buy from: Volcano


The original ProVari was a truly revolutionary device when it was launched. Although it was not the first variable-voltage electronic cigarette, it was the first time I knew it was easy to use and completely safe, even to those who did not know what they were doing. While other electronic cigarettes were manufactured in the United States. They used analog dials or stacked batteries for voltage settings, the ProVari used digital controls and had several features that prevented the dangerous use of the device. However, it has become irrelevant that the popularity of sub-ohm coils has increased. The ProVari P3 is a more modern device with support for sub-ohm coils and firmware updates. While lacking the flexibility of a mechanical mod like the Volcano Pele (below) or a 50-watt device like the VaporFi VOX II, the build quality of the ProVari P3 is unmatched.

Price: $199.95 +

Buy from: ProVape

White Cloud Cirrus

Electronic Cigarette Made in USA

Although White Cloud, like any other electronic cigarette company, is mobile abroad, they deserve a special mention in this article because it is the only company for electronic cigarettes that fills their own cartridges in the US. The White Cloud E-Liquid is also made in the USA. If you already have an electronic cigarette KR-808 like V2 Cigs or Halo G6, you can try the electronic cigarette cartridges that are manufactured in the United States from White Cloud with its existing batteries.

Price: $39.95 And More

Buy from: White Cloud


Electronic Cigarette Made in USA

The Omega is a great mod with a 510 atomizer connector and plenty of room for a huge 3.7 Volt 2400 mAh 18650 battery, available in chrome, black, pink and black with silver spots. The interesting thing about omega design is that the entire top works as an activation switch. Just tap anywhere if you want to make a move. Although it probably means that the omega is not very frugal, it may be a good option if you do not like the modes of the electronic cigarette with the fire button on the side or bottom of the device. Since the Omega is designed only for use at 3.7 volts, it should have a pretty good battery life. AltSmoke also sells Alpha, which is smaller in size and should be used with 14500 batteries.

Price: $99.95

Buy from: AltSmoke

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