Best Hookah Pens, E-Hookahs and E-Shishas

The Hookah is also known as Shisha and has become a trend in the United States only in the last decade, though its origins date back to the 18th century. Hookah use a water filtration system that helps to reduce toxins from tobacco smoke that is burned with charcoal and inhaled through a hose. Technically, Hookah /Shisha were one of the first ways to reduce the damage caused by tobacco. Since the Hookah produces significantly larger clouds, Hookah smokers are the first cloud hunters.

Vaping is the most advanced form of risk reduction, so it is logical that hookah fans tend to be inherently reduction. Electronic water pipes come in many shapes and sizes. Although some pens contain nicotine, many of them are available without nicotine. Shisha feathers offer an experience similar to that of a regular water pipe, less tobacco, tar and coal. They also offer more flavor options, such as e-liquids for electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices. The feathers of Shisha are the natural evolution of Hookah.

  • Electronic Hookah (Disposable)

Best Hookah Pens

One type of Hookah vaporizer looks like a disposable e-cigarette, except that it could have a sleek and colorful design. Apart from that, they work in exactly the same way and they provide a decent cloud of Vape. Most disposable shisha pens are equipped with a built-in battery for about 500 trains.

  • Electronic Hookah (Rechargeable)

Best Hookah Pens

If you’re familiar with Vape clouds, you already know what a refillable hookah pen is. They are virtually identical, the main difference being the way they are marketed. Former cigarette smokers can call the same pen, while shisha fans call them e-shisha. You’ll find that many shisha pens are simply new branded Vapor products that attract Hookah smokers. Like disposables, electronic hookah pens may or may not contain nicotine, depending on the type of electronic juice you want to use. These devices are also rechargeable.

  • Electronic Hookah (Electronic Hookah E-Pipes, Bowls / E-Bowls)

Best Hookah Pens

Some e-hookahs are slightly more advanced than your average Vape pen. These devices are all-in-one devices that contain everything you need to get inhaled. Some of these electronic water hoses are connected to the regular water pipe; others are tubular and work independently. Everything in an e-hookah contains an integrated battery and a type of atomizer that will vaporize your e-liquid. They use technology similar to that of electronic cigarettes, but differ in their form factor. Electronic hookahs are a great way to engage a larger audience.

Refillable Hookah Pens

  1. Halo Triton II Initial Kit

Best Hookah Pens

The Halo Triton II is one of the smallest sub-ohm vapor pen, making it perfect for simulating the kind of clouds one would get from an e-shisha device. The Triton II kit comes standard with two 750-mAh batteries and three 0.75-ohm coils, which is a recipe for delicious clouds during the day. The Halo Triton Kit is an entry-level device, perfect for someone who wants to try Hookah pens, or just for steaming in general. The Triton II tank contains 2 ml of any juice of your choice, so the possibilities of taste are endless. The Halo Triton II is powerful enough for the most advanced Vaper.

Advantages Disadvantages
Sub Ohm capable Only 2 ml capacity
Ultra portable
Micro USB charging

Get Halo Triton II

  1. Beyang H Legend 3 Electronic Hookah

Best Hookah Pens

Beyang H Legend 3 E-Hookah is an all-in-one sub-ohm damper with built-in water filtration system, the first of its kind. It’s lightweight and portable, but powerful enough to extinguish a satisfying cloud of steam with the experience of one traditional hookah pipe. The Beyang H Legend 3 runs on a single 18650 battery and is charged via a USB port. It comes standard with 0.5 ohm coils, so technically it’s a cloud of sub-ohm vapor. The H Legend 3 has integrated safety features such as reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.

Advantages Disadvantages
Integrated water filter Less well-known brand
Security features
Micro USB charging
Light in Weight

Get Beyang H Legend 3

  1. Halo Tracer Mod V2 Shisha Starter Kit Refillable Pen

Best Hookah Pens

The Halo Tracer V2 starter kit is not offered as a hookah ballpoint pen, but it offers the perfect taste sensation with its 0.5 ohm coils. The Tracer tank contains 4 ml of the e-liquid of your choice and is equipped with a powerful 2300mAh battery with micro USB charging function. The Halo Tracer brings some of the best features of the most advanced electronic cigarettes to the portable hookah scene. Made from high quality materials such as, stainless steel, organic cotton wicks and a 30ml bottle of the diverse delicious halo flavors.

Advantages Disadvantages
Sub-ohm capable Only available in black and silver
Refillable hookah pen Non-adjustable airflow
Organic cotton locks
Micro USB charging

Get Halo Tracer

  1. JUUL

Best Hookah Pens

Without a doubt, Juul is the most advanced Vape Starter Kit on the market. He manages to pack the technology and skills of a larger hookah pen into a half-size device. The Juul uses a pod-style system that is extremely easy and convenient to use as an e-cigarette or hookah pen. There is no problem with e-liquid, coil or power configurations. Just connect your capsule to your Juul and you’re ready to spray. Juul has 5 different flavors to choose from. Juul capsules provide a powerful and satisfying effect on nicotine, but unfortunately they are not available at Zero-Nic.

Advantages Disadvantages
Perfect for beginners Only 5 flavors available
Easy and fast loading Without zero-nic options
Magnetic USB Battery life (200 mAh)
Good Vapor

Get Juul

  1. Daily Rechargeable Hookah Shisha Pen

If you want another Hookah pen, it will be displayed. Instead of being disposable, it’s made for long-term use. The kit includes two batteries, a charger and nine different flavors to choose from. Each cartridge is valid for approximately 500 trains and can be rearranged and replaced. Each rechargeable Hookah Pen has a long life. You have two, so you never have to take a break to enjoy your flavors. It is easy to use and triggers automatically when inhaled.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good battery life Expensive
Contains several flavors
Contains two batteries
Slim and discreet
Ordinary steam production


In most cases, e-shisha or electronic Hookah is simply other terms for electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. Products advertised as these are more geared towards hookah smoker fans, shisha and many electronic vapes have strong flavors and sweet fruits that are commonly found in shisha varieties, and underline the variety of flavors that can provide vaping. Multiple flavors are rare in cigarettes and pipe tobacco, so the wide range of flavors found in vaping is more shisha than traditional tobacco. While they have their limits, e-shisha feathers are a great way to immerse your feet in the world of vaping, and as nicotine often contains zero, it is relatively safe and undeniably healthier than traditional shisha setup.

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