Infographic | No Smoking Day: Benefits From Quitting Smoking

As No Smoking Day approaches, smokers across the UK are considering giving up tobacco in favour of vaping – or just giving up completely.

March 9 is the big date, and it’s the time of year where the most smokers give up their habits. Thankfully, with things such as vaping, it’s a much easier task than it has been in the past. And quitting seems to be the only option where health is concerned, as recent research has discovered even one cigarette a day has the potential to be just as harmful as half a pack.

Direct Line Life Insurance have created a handy infographic in conjunction with No Smoking Day, addressing the many benefits quitting smoking can have on everything from your health to your appearance, all the way through to the money in your wallet.

Benefits from quitting smoking

Infographic made by Directline

The day is just over a month away – get ready to give it up, and don’t hesitate to use Ecigopedia for all of your vaping enquiries.

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