10 of The Best High Wattage Tanks

This is only a few years as voltage tanks under-ohm on the scene. The original Crown V1 by Uwell, SMOK TFV4 and also Horizon Arctic have played well in the marketplace at a high level with three-digit watts. Tanks were to follow after increasing the power Mods Vape and from the few years, high-watts sub-ohm-tanks are at their peak. A Vaping 100 watt was something that was not just for hardcore fans. But in 2016, the successful was the TFV8 by SMOK with a rating of over 100 watts and had 7 available coil heads. The TFV4 was no exception, but the TFV8 was the first real “SUPER-TANK” or one of The Best High Wattage Tank.

Now we have great SUPER-TANKS that can beat other competitors which follow SMOK models with smaller coils in a large head. Now we see 24 coils in one head and the tanks on our list have a nominal head wind up to 400 watts. It’s crazy!

If you are a vaper who loves clouds, taste and show-stopping clouds then these tanks should be great on your list to try. Listed below are some of the best so far.

The Best High Wattage Tanks

Best High Wattage TankSMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

The product includes:

  • Duodenary (pre-installed) V12-T12 coils of 0.12ohm
  • 15ohm quadruple coils
  • Replacement glass tube
  • Instruction manual
  • Spare Parts


The design of this tank is just awesome with stainless steel material with a size of 27mm x 70mm. The tank has a capacity of 6 ml. This tank is strong and wild. It is coming with the maximum cloud chasing coil heads ever. V12-T12 (12-coils), V12-X4 (quadruple-coils) as well as V12-Q4 (quadruple-coils), which will absolutely something that people would love. It would be the king of the vaping experience!

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Best High Wattage TankWismec Reux

The product includes:

  • Triple 0.15 ohm Rx coil
  • 5 ohm RX ceramic coil
  • Delrin Tip- drip adapter
  • Packet parts
  • User Guide


This tank is designed In the US and manufactured by Jay Bo. It has a high-performance and expensive in collaboration with the legendary Jay Bo to create a platform with tremendous range and versatility. The tank has a volume of 6 ml and new RX series Coil heads designed to 260W to supply. It has a diameter of 25 mm with a design of an upper and lower ribbed large glass container section and also can support up to 6 mm.

The Reux can be filled with a high peak droplet filled through the upper thread hole fully integrate with the highest standards of high performance. In each standard configuration, 0.15 ohm RX Triple RX, which is composed of three wires of Nichrome in a vertical configuration and RX Ceramic 0.5 Ohm, a coil uses suction element taste-oriented ceramic. Triple 0.15 Ohm RX provides a range of 60 to 160 W, while the 0.5 Ohm ceramic RX provides more oriented 40 to 80 W ranges. Each of these two types of lock the coil has large ports with connections of 3mm dual wicking on each side with double optically appealing ports with an absorption frequency.

The Reux includes two main air flow slots in each atomizer of 25mm which measured from 14mm x 4mm respectively with a diameter of 8.5mm of the coil to allow the end with the focus combining maximum airflow miracles if necessary. In short, this tank comes with an excellent taste, vapor capability.

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best high wattage tankIJOY MAXO V12

The product includes:

  • Prefabricated coil 0.1ohm (60-315W)
  • V12-RT6 DECK
  • A coil XL-C4 0.15ohm (50-250W, with the coil adapter)
  • Replacement Glass
  • Drip tip adapter 510
  • Vape Band
  • Heating Cable Packs
  • Additional O-Rings
  • Screwdriver
  • Warranty Card


IJOY MAXO V12 tank has the leading and more powerful performance. 5.6 ml complying juice capacity with a diameter of 28 mm and has a top filling capability as well. It provides configuration of the twelvefold coil and the energy range in 60-315W 0.1 Ohm cloud and the pure taste drive. It incorporates the new triple structure covering classic XL-C4 coil chip and V12- RT6 RTA. The V12 is a fantastic choice for high-power devices.

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Read IJOY Maxo V12 Review

best high wattage tankOriginal Ehpro Billow V3 RTA

The product includes:

  • Material: Stainless Steel And Glass
  • Capacity: 4.6 Ml
  • Speed ​​Style Cover With Two-Post
  • Two Cylindrical Adjustable Flow Holes
  • Airflow Center
  • Filling System From Above
  • Juices Flow Control
  • 23mm Diameter Base
  • Tank Capacity: 4.6 Ml


Billow V3 can provide more air with their coils because of their adjustable Cyclops airflow holes. In addition, the airflow design in the atomizer implements a little more air and hits the back of your coils to get the taste of your e-juice. The top filling is very simple because of the top cover. You can pull the filler opening closure for access and closed filling when finished.

The juice flow control through the top cover turning is for those who want to limit the amount of e-juice or avoid the over-saturation. Finally, the cover construction is a two post velocity style that allows you every time to create the perfect coils!

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Best High Wattage TankEleaf Melo 300

The product includes:

  • Two sextuplets coils of 0.17 ohms
  • Packet parts


It is the first power facing performance oriented with a maximum power of 300 W. Based on the classic Melo platform, 300 Melo has a clean look and universally compatible design. It has the new structure of the Sextuple construction coil with a wide body and its extreme power is evaluated between 100 and 300 W, which allows a maximum outstanding range.

Each ES Sextuple coil is designed with 3 coil sections with vertical parallel coils in each section and has an output of 0.17 ohms. It has 2 versions:

  1. 5 ml
  2. 5 ml

Both two editions of Melo 300 have 26 mm in diameter and have a retractable system and also top-filled filling port for convenience. The airflow is provided by a double 13mm of 3mm airslots inserted into the high-power injection on the chassis base for providing 300W.

Eleaf Melo offers uncompromising performance in an affordable platform with a clear and simple design, efficient filling and top position coil structures.

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Read Eleaf Melo 300 Review

Best High Wattage TankSense Blazer 200

The product includes:

  • Spare Parts Packet
  • 6 Ohm Ceramic Coil and One 0.2 Ohm Coil
  • Socket Adapter 510
  • Additional glass section


It is one of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers who has increased the 1.8 Ohm reverse coil this year to increase the most popular coil “Sandwich” to a triple configuration as it provides multi-platform support. It has 26 mm diameter and is equipped with a large capacity container of 6 mm.

It has comfort and user-friendliness which means it is easy to use. This tank has the continuous development of the 1.8-ohm coil, which provided an inverted sandwich structure that uses both a Japanese Organic Cotton and Food Quality Ceramic Porous element. It is designed as exit structures of 50W-100W combining 3 parallel vertical directions in a frame coil. Each coil surrounded by a fast absorbing cotton material that is surrounded by the sustainable element.

In addition, a total of three holes of auxiliary absorption is integrated between each coil simultaneously increasing the space of effective absorption by the coil, which increases the absorption rate and also acts as an additional point of the dispersion liquid. To promote the potential of both coils, the blazer 200 has adjustable quadriceps (7.5mm, 3mm) around the bottom of the chassis, allowing an absolutely amazing airflow. In short, blazer 200 sub-ohm tank has an impressive performance.

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best high wattage tankCIGPET ECO12

The product includes:

  • T12-Eco Coil 0.12 Ohm (60-350w)
  • Eco-q4 0.15ohm coil (60-180W)
  • Resin DRIP-TIP
  • Additional glass
  • O-rings
  • Warranty card


The ECO12 is available in three colors:

  1. Black
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Rainbow

It is the most capable tank for the first chaser cloud. It has the unique features, such as coil tetra-dimensional heads (14) and hex (16), which can manage 360 and 400 watts. The ECO12 also has a section of RBA available. The tank itself is 28 mm in diameter and has 6.5 ml of juice capacity. Each tank is provided with a single unique resin drip tip. It has excellent airflow capability and has fantastic taste.

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Best High Wattage TankAspire Cleito 120

The product specs include:

  • Maxi-Watts Tank: Rated 120W
  • Gentle controlled airflow
  • The production of instant vapor
  • Unmatched flavor production
  • Large capacity tank of 4 ml
  • Size: 25 x 58 mm (diameter * height)
  • Resistance: 0.16ohm (100 – 120W)


This tank is ideal for cloud vapors and chasers who like to grow their watts. The improved design provides high-performance smooth strokes with excellent taste. If you want to climb to the top of your game tracker cloud, this tank is definitely something you should add to your arsenal. The Aspire Cleite 120W Atomizer Tank takes the next level with its impressive performance of 120 watts capacity vaping which allows the airflow smooth and strong taste at high temperatures. This elegant design has a high chimney, a wider drip holes, and larger flow, providing a cover of 25mm diameter for extremely efficient evacuation.

The tank is in stainless steel, black and gold color and has a quick and easy filling line, which takes the effort for the filling of the Go. Although it is designed at only 120 watts but you can easily handle 160 watts and more, In addition to these excellent features, the airflow system provides instant vaping, while the prolonged absorption holes provide sufficient ventilation in wicks for vaping chain.

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Best High Wattage TankHorizon Arctic v12 Twelve Coil Sub-Ohm Tank

The product includes:

  • V12 0.1 Ohm- 120W to 180W
  • One V12 0.3 Ohm- 100W to 160 W
  • RBA Base V12
  • Additional Glass Section
  • Packet Parts


This tank has the leading performance in new and highly competitive large compressed format segment with the incredible structure of 12 coils. Measuring 25.5 mm in diameter, Arctic V12 follows the classical and the aesthetic designs and is made of stainless steel and high-quality glass.

Each set contains two new structures coils of V12 and oriented in an array of four spaces, the coil oriented vertically. Each chamber has a triple configuration of the coil, resulting in a unique total load of twelve coils. Each chamber is wicked by a slot of 8 mm x 3 mm, a fast and efficient absorption allows even a maximum of 0.1 Ohm 180W.

Full-sized RBA V12 base diameter of 18 mm with a design of two stations at each terminal of 2 mm by 4 mm is also included. Arctic V12 has a wide range of versatility. V12 Arctic also packed into a tank capacity of 5ml with an upper thread conventional packing. With the large platforms and more performance-oriented market, the Arctic V12 horizon combines elegant and efficient enclosures with enhanced performance competing its class.

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best high wattage tankJoyetech Ornate

The product includes:

  • MGS head SS316L 0.15ohm
  • 15-ohm head Three MGS
  • Replacement glass tube
  • Adapter nozzle
  • Manual and warranty card


With the 25.0mm-70.0mm size, these types of tanks are becoming more popular since the start of SMOK-TFV4. It is specifically developed for vapers marketed editions of more than 100 watts. It has a large E-liquid input and has very high-quality patterns. The filling of E-liquid is very easy and the cleaning is also very easy because of its detachable structure. It is available in silver and black color.

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Also you can find plenty of useful guides and best of tops here.

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