Best E Cigarette Brands List

Today, we are going to take a look on some best electronic cigarette or vaping brands and products. We know that how hard is to find the right vape and how important the brand is. Sometimes you can get some vape kit for a bargain deal, but it might not always be worth. So before you choose your vape kit (mod/tank) go through our top most reliable vape brands/manufacturers.

Best E Cigarette Brands List


Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsKangerTech is one of the most popular vaping brand in the vaping society. KangerTech is based in China. You should leave stereotype aside for a while their products are amazing and they definitely are one of the leading company in the vaping industry. They provide pleasant vaping experience and mostly their price as well as quality performance is above the average. As for now, they have made stunning vapes like:

They also have made some products which are not good enough, like:

But, we have to admit, that they were changing the vaping industry with all these products and it’s totally fine (for me at least) if some products were not so successful. But still, you can get these products as they are not so bad.

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Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsInnokin is also a notable product in the vaping industry. They are one of the pioneers and we can admit ’ they are successful in that. As most of the companies, they are also based in China, and as we already said about the KangerTech leave your stereotypes aside. They have beaten the market with their price and quality. So which products are currently the most successful manufactured by them?

  • All iSub tank line is great, especially: iSub S, Apex, iSub V and iSub G
  • All iTaste line is already tested and demanded by many of vapers

Have they released any unsuccessful products on the market? The answer to this question is “NO”. As for now, we have not heard any significant problems with their products.

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Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsAspire was found in China in 2013 and quickly become one of the most popular brand in the vaping industry. Nowadays plenty of reviewers are testing their products. And guess what? – there are no complaints about their products yet. They always try to strive something unique and innovative. So what about their products? Which products are most successful on the market?

So now let’s take a look at some not so well made products:

  • Aspire Triton (v1). We were really disappointed about its performance
  • CF line has great performance, but price is high if we compare with competitors
  • Aspire Plato kit. Some users were complaining about leaking

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Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsEleaf Electronics Co. Ltd. was also found in China in2011. This manufacturer always offers bargain deals for really stunning vape performance. Sometimes their production from the first look might not look so well, but please remember if you want to enjoy the vape quality instead of super stylish design, then Eleaf is the right choice. So let’s take a look at their successful products:

  • All iStick series with or without TC is great (20W, 30W, 50W)
  • iJust line – if you want to get MASSIVE clouds for a cheap price and into a small kit, this is definitely the right choice.

Do they also have some bad products? Not directly. But we have heard and faced some issues – if your tank felt down from somewhere around 1-1.5m, then the more likely glass will break and replacement will be needed. But it’s not a big worry as spare glass cost almost nothing.

Visit Eleaf official website!


Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsSMOK is another manufacturer which is based in China. SMOK was found in early 2010 which mean, that they know what they are doing. It is one of the most notable vaping companies in the world. Their ads and products are always colorful and you simply can’t avoid their production. We have to admit – behind these colors are also some quality and good price. So let’s take a look at the most successful products:

  • Dual coils
  • Osub line
  • Koopor line
  • TFV tanks (TFV8 and TFV12)

So what products are not so well? We can’t name the single one, but often they stuck with quality like bottoms and magnetic battery covers. But all there are not big issues if you are looking for a bargain deal and strong vaping experience.

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Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsHave you seen the movie Transformers and you liked it? If so, then definitely Sigelei can offer some impressive design with impressive features into mods. For example: for mods, they offer even touch screens. Yes, you read it right. They offer touch screens and you can link your mod with the phone via Bluetooth. So they bring vaping to the next level!

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Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsJoyetech was one of the first big serious players in the vaping market. Joyetech was found in 2007, in China. They offer a wide range of eGo style kits and also some mods with different kind of screens, like, the Cuboid series (Cuboid, Cuboid 200 and Cuboid Mini kit). Also, their tanks such as Cubis, Cubis Pro, and Cubis Pro Mini are worth to take into account. And that’s not all – they have eVic series which are highly demanded from the vapers. So if you are planning to get some vape products then take a look what Joyetech can offer, as their design is solid, the price is great and quality of the production won’t let you down.

Visit Joyetech official website!


Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsThis competitor from China is really making vaping to the next level. Why? If you want to get some stunning mod or tank – go for Tesla. They offer completely unique and colorful design for their production. So if you want to stand out from others, this is the right choice. They offer plenty of products but we haven’t heard any significant complaints about their production

Visit Tesla official website!


Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsHere is one more competitor from China. They are focusing on sub-ohm tanks and coils but you can also get some kit or mod from them. As far as we have tested, their tanks are worth to try and their innovative and detailed oriented designs are very attractive. This company definitely is innovative as they want to increase their market share. And that is a good thing. Most of the companies which are still growing are not only offering the products but also a great customer support services as well.

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Best Electronic Cigarette or Vaping Brands and ProductsUwell is also based in China but they focus only on tanks (incl. RDA and RTA) as well as coils. As for now, we can say that it is a great thing. Why? Because often if you “play” in all fields you are average, but if you “play” in one field — you can be the best. Uwell doesn’t provide plenty of products, but as far as we have vaped their tanks and coils – they are worth to buy and will not let you down.

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apple logoWill Apple Invent a new vaporizer? Is Apple wandering to enter into the universe of vaping? Is it true that they are building up a mod? These are the questions Applephiles were asking when a current Apple patent for a vaporizer was found a week ago by tech columnists.

And which is your most favorite brand?

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