JAC Vapour S-22 Tank Review

If you question that who nowadays cares about M2L (Mouth-to-Lung)? Then Vapour JAC b Edinburgh-based would say its name. By the end of 2016, they launched the S-series Vape pen, a brilliant little device that is capable for both MTL at 1 ohm and sub-ohm vaping down to 0.5. Its new offer is a tank of 22 mm, which is primarily marketed on vapers MTL. Tank-S-22 series aims to be a simple and reliable device.

JAC Vapour S-22 Tank Review

Getting Started

Tank-S-22 has used the same attachment from the S-17. In the first instance, the tank looks strong, almost indestructible! In terms of size, it is bound with Nautilus Tank 5 ml, but because of the rules of TDP in the EU, it has only a capacity of 2 ml. It seemed like a waste of real estate. To use the whole day, I have to refill it many times. However, this is not the fault of the JAC Vapor, but the regulations would be blamed for this.

However, the question I ask is what is essentially the difference between the S-22 tank and its smaller cousin, the S-17? Both use the same coil, and the juice capacity is almost identical (1.8 ml S17). It meets the same background, the same air flow adjustable and frustrating, and the same specific drip stainless steel. Then why JAC Vapor? The site says that the drip tip is a standard 510, but nothing perfectly fits in the tank. At least one Delrin vapers offer an alternative!

Specifications and Characteristics of JAC S-22 Vapour

  • 33 mm in Height
  • 22mm in Diameter
  • Stainless steel and glass
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Capacity of 2 ml
  • MTL 1 Ohm Coil Type
  • DL 1.0 ohms
  • DL 0.5 Ohm
  • 510 Connector type
  • Detachable drip tip

That’s How It Works

Although there weren’t any online details about recommended watts ranges for S-Series coils but the online support for JAC Vapour was very much supportive of providing me enough info about it. I matched the performance of S-22 tank with the iStick Pico and ran the MTL coil 1.0 ohms 10-27 watts with 3 different e-liquid:

  1. Ohm coil MTL – works best for 10 to 15 watts
  2. Ohm coils DL – work best at 20 to 27 watts
  3. DL 0.5 Ohm coils – work best at 30 to 40 watts

I wait for 10 minutes after filling and I fired up iStick Pico with the S-22 at 10 watts. The first thing I notice was the draw with the airflow, the draw was very tight. It was even tightened then the S-17 and I would like to say here that the draw is comparable to low air flow in the Nautilus. Likewise, I have not noticed a difference while adjusting the air flow, but maybe the coil takes the time to break-in.

Turning the device to 15 watts produces different results. The Vape opens by improving the taste. Personally, 17W was my favorite level. The experiment was similar to S-17, so I pushed the S-22 MTL up to 20 watts without problems, although that would decrease the life of the coils. The control of the airflow is not really much indifference. Ultimately, the air flow will be so limited because of the coils usage and the increase of wattage.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A special tank for MTL VAPERS Patented drip tip
Ability to change to direct lungs hits Not Delrin
3 different coils Choice The under/bottom fills wastes space in tank
The lower/bottom refill is light and easy it is difficult to judge how much e-liquid is because of small slot window
Good customer service and support online The unscrewing is not always easy – to control the air flow in the tank connection
The price is excellent – only € 14.99 Longevity coils

Long story short – Summary

From JAC Vapour, the S-22 is a tank with excellent in price and other advantages for anyone. There are flaws in it, especially when doing threading, which needs improvement. Other than that, it is a great MTL Vape, especially between 15 and 20 Watts. We appreciate the attention of the JAC Vapors towards MTL and expect further advancements in it.

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