SMOK NOVO 4 25W KIT Review

SMOK NOVO 4 25W KIT Review

If you have been looking to get a pod kit to notch up your vaping life and provide you with an amazing vaping experience, then you’ve come to the right place. The SMOK NOVO 4 25W pod kit is everything you need when it comes to a vape kit. It is made of a durable and sturdy textured zinc alloy and is available in up top ten stylish incredible colours.

Moreover, it also adopts a one-button design to achieve a simple and unique style. The button doesn’t just control the on/off of the pod, it also a wattage adjustment button. The NOVO 4 vape kit is equipped with an integrated, long-lasting and rechargeable 800mAh battery.  Thus, with minimal charging, you can enjoy long hours of vaping.

With an upgraded Type-C port, charging efficiency is optimized. Above the button, you find a 0.49-inch OLED screen. The single-mode button below can be easily used to adjust the wattage anywhere between 5 and 25W. So, whether you enjoy mild or strong vaping, it caters to your discerning taste. This pod kit can be gotten from either an online or physical vaping store or vaping shop. It is not difficult to get.

SMOK NOVO 4 25W KIT Review

The NOVO 4 25W pod kit is quite capable of holding up to 2ml of e-liquid, and can be filled easily via the side filling port. All you have to do to get is filled is- remove the cartridge from the device,  lift the rubber plug just on the side of the pod, and insert any e-liquid of your choice to start filling. The NOVO 4 pod cartridge includes two LP1 meshed 0.8ohm coils optimized to prevent as much as a drop of liquid. This coil is a new product line specially designed for leak-proof vaping. It also ensures that there is no mess after inserting your e-liquid.

SMOK NOVO 4 25W KIT Review

Furthermore, the NOVO 4 25W pod kit contains an airflow control ring with multiple vents for a huge throat hit. It also comes with a variety of battery protections to ensure a safe vape.  Subsequently, when it comes to its operation, it can be handled with little or no effort. Thus, whether or not you are a veteran or a newbie vaper, you can effortlessly acclimatize yourself with its technicalities. Just as earlier stated, it is built with the strongest materials to ensure protections from many potential risks. It is also very mobile and can be easily carried around. So, you can vape wherever and whenever you please.


  • Air-inlet ring- adjustment airflow
  • Latest leak proof technology
  • Side filling system
  • 25W max output
  • Smart detection function
  • One-button design and simple control
  • Type-C fast charging
  • New LP1 meshed coil
  • 800mAh rechargeable battery
  • 0.49 OLED screen
  • Available in ten incredible designs
  • Long endurance, stable output, fast refueling


  • 1x Novo 4 device (800mAh)
  • 1x Novo empty pod (2ml)
  • 1x Type-C cable
  • 1x user manual

In conclusion, just as aforementioned, this unique pod kit can be gotten from either a physical or online vape store or vape shop. Do yourself a favour and get one today.

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