Jinx Eliquid: A New Fruit E-liquid Brand with a Fun Mystical Twist!

As the vaping industry continues to explode in popularity, more and more e-liquid brands are emerging with interesting and experimentative flavours for both ex-smokers and e-cigarette hobbyists.

Among one of these new offerings is Jinx Eliquid, a Black Magic inspired e-liquid brand with their own Voodoo mascot! This riveting new e-liquid brand entered the market in July 2021, and have so far released five compelling fruit shortfill e-liquids that vapers won’t be able to taste anywhere else.

While many vapers may be skeptical about “unique flavour” claims, Jinx Eliquid has left no ambiguity when it comes to the magic behind their bewitching flavour profiles. All of Jinx’s e-liquids are brewed at a molecular level without the use of stock concentrates, resulting in original and authentic flavours that any fruit lover will cherish!

“Jinx is by far one of the best ranges I have ever had the pleasure of vaping. Their on point flavours have blown my taste buds away beyond belief. I think I’ve definitely been ‘Blessed’ by this brand!” mcmurroughsean_official

Each Jinx e-liquid focuses on two juicy fruit notes which work in harmony with one another. Their collection includes flavours to tempt a wide audience of vapers, from classic mixes such as Blueberry & Cherry and Blackberry & Pear, to their more unusual combinations such as Pineapple & Grapefruit, Raspberry & Rhubarb, and Banana & Apricot. With both popular and more daring combinations to choose from, this tongue-tingling new range is leading the way for fruit flavoured vape juices!

“Banana & Apricot is the refreshing vape juice that you’ve been looking for! Absolutely divine.” vapourwavesuk

It’s clear that Jinx has given great attention to detail in terms of their packaging and overall brand image, too. They’ve housed each of their blends in vibrant packaging to accurately reflect the personality of each flavour, a creative element that many vaping enthusiasts will appreciate.

“The Jinx range includes fabulously fruity, full on flavours that deserve a spot in any vaper’s juice stash. Essential and 5/5!” -Planet of the Vapes

What’s more, Jinx is the first e-liquid brand to offer vapers the chance to win a prize with each bottle bought. Find a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Jinx mascot, and you could be one of their lucky winners!

Each bottle has a scratch-to-win panel, which will reveal a code. You can redeem your prize by either entering this code online at JinxEliquid.com, or by notifying a member of staff in the store you purchased it from, where they’ll be able to instantly scan it. This means that vapers can find out if they’re a winner from anywhere!

Every vaper has a good chance of winning: their prizes include free Jinx samples, free Jinx e-liquid, exclusive online and in-store discounts, all the way up to £250 holiday vouchers, a Sony PlayStation 5, and £1,000 in cash!

Will you be “Blessed or Jinxed” from these spellbinding new fruit e-liquid flavours from Jinx? Vapers can browse their full collection today at JinxEliquid.com!

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