Rocvape Origo CVB Starter Kit Review

Lets take a look at a starter kit from Rocvape Origo CVB Kit. It’s super compact, fits anywhere, constant wattage, really simple yet does everything you expect from it. It’s good for beginners, not so much for advanced vapers, I could say it’s a jump start in the vaping world. Rocvape is relatively new company, I’d like to see more of them in future that’s for sure. So what it’s like?

Rocvape Origo CVB Starter Kit Review

Overall impression

Rocvape offers us four different chromatic colors:“ classic black, navy blue, rose pink and noble silver. Weights only 250 grams, size 63mm x 40.5mm x 21mm. EU regulation approved 2ml tank. Coil resistance 0.5 ohm, output wattage 18 watts with a 1600mAh battery. Exclusively made for people, who doesn’t want to get into your own kit building, but expects reasonable performance at the beginning. Well here you go CVB (Complete Vaping Box) with it’s simple usability. With new  anti leak-proof technology you can forget about leaking, put it in pocket and don’t worry about it.

First impression and vape

When I first got my hands on it, I couldn’t wait to try what new producers can offer to an experienced vaper and all I can say is it’s great, but not perfect. I filled it up with some nice 1.5mg little to none tobacco taste with 50-50VG/PG and fired it up. The first puff was good, I mean real good and after a few hits I already knew what I got myself into one of the greatest beginner kits, period. I say one of the greatest, because it got some flaws, which I noticed after vaping CVB kit for a few days. First of all ’ the place where you fill up liquid goes under the glass which you can see through and fills up as soon as you put coil inside. It has a max line drawn on the glass, but it’s so little above the glass start it means you have to concentrate to not overfill the tank. Max line from my understanding works the same as indicator for when it’s over. Not a single dry hit, bravo! While dry hits are nowhere in-sight, wet hits is something you should deliberate. They were so easily obtainable, all you had to do was over fill the max line even a little, heck, even when you get it exact on the max line, you will still get some hot liquid into your mouth. It tastes good, but not so good for your body by the way.. Another thing that bothered me was constant wattage and that you can’t see how much battery life is left. Battery life is actually fine for it’s small 1600mAh size, I could go through out the day with a single full charge, but constant wattage was something that made me want to change my daily vape to something else. All the time vaping I thought to myself that I don’t have enough and need to increase wattage, but then again, it’s a kit for beginners. Maybe I should better give a regular smoker with no experience in vaping this kit and see a more unbiased valuation?

Long story short – Summary

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