Best Tobacco Vape E-Juice on the Market

For many vapers, especially for smokers who want to escape from burned tobacco and vape, it is a priority to find the best taste of e-tobacco juice. The most obvious problem: smokers and vapers, who are always on the look-out for an authentic encounter with the tobacco taste, find that many e-liquids refuse tobacco when it comes to the replication of tobacco. Tobacco products can do a good job producing something with the authentic taste you are looking for, and sweet blends of tobacco can be great, but all too often you have something that looks more like moldy feet than your brand. So how do you find the best tobacco-flavored e-liquid with so many disappointing blends on the market? I’ve compiled a list of the top flavors of tobacco juice, based on the results of my survey of the most delicious e-juice that provides solid recommendations for e-liquids you can find.

The Best Tobacco Vape Juices:

I have received nearly 5,000 responses in total, but fewer than 200 for tobacco juice flavors (and the two most common were about half), and with so few votes, the order of juices does not reflect. But fortunately, I have published two exhaustive lists of “Must-Vape” e-tobacco juice flavors.

Eclipse by Space Jam

tobacco vape

It is possible that this juice did not get votes in my best e-juice survey, but Space Jam was one of the most popular suppliers, and Eclipse is a popular taste of tobacco juice. The juice is actually a mixture of sweet tobacco, with a sweet vanilla cream on a Cavendish tobacco. Vanilla has an authentic taste and, combined with the sweetness of Cavendish tobacco, Eclipse becomes a tobacco-based e-liquid that really does fall. This may not be the taste of tobacco purists, but as a sweet tobacco option, it is there with the best tobacco juice on the market.

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Candied Cavendish by the Plume Room

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The Plume Room is a popular e-liquid mixer that offers several excellent tobacco liquids and brings natural blends (NET) to the business. This usually results in a much more realistic taste, and tobacco fumes are believed to produce the best tobacco vapor juice. Candied Cavendish uses this method in a Cavendish tobacco and with the addition of some fruity banana notes creates a deliciously sweet of tobacco that takes to the next level. This juice was awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award in 2013 and was one of the few tobacco products to receive a vote in my survey.

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Tiki Juice by Halo

tobacco vape

Tiki Juice may not be the best tobacco flavor, but has still received many votes. It’s a unique tobacco option made from a spicy tobacco that adds a little more to it with sweet tropical aromas and a hint of menthol. Halo describes it as “the difference between the flavors of tobacco and dessert”. Only in my survey, it would be best to have e-juice flavored tobacco in the market, but this juice had the advantage of being on the list since the start of voting, compared to other tobacco product. The same blender that is much more popular.¬† The resulting taste is complex and delicious, with many vapers picking up a hint of cinnamon or clove juice and praising the unique nature of the mix.

Get Tiki

Soho by FlavourArt

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FlavorArt is first and foremost an aroma manufacturer for those who mix their own electronic liquids (DIY), but Soho and a selection of other flavors are also available “ready to Vape”. Soho received 26 votes in my best survey on e-liquid flavors, which would have meant it was rated as a third flavor based solely on votes. The juice is described as a darker, more intense and complex Vape juice with hazelnut elements that matches classic American tobacco. The taste has been compared to many Indigo vapor tobacco juice, and is usually appreciated by both home improvement and those who simply choose to use the “ready” option.

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Prelude Black Note

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Black Note is a specialized .NET, offered with a range of eight electronic liquid mixer tobaccos. Although it’s not too good the prelude to the best overview of e-juice flavors, Black Note received more than 600 votes in the best-selling E-Juice survey and is often said to have some of the best of tobacco on the market. Prelude is its blend of Virginia tobacco and the most popular flavor of the blender. For example, even if you have not made any complexity or strong flavor than some of its other mixes, Basma Cadenza Mixing is an aromatic tobacco, spicy, soft, light and delicate sweet taste it makes for vapers good looking for authentic tobacco, which includes the Taste buds not in question.

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Tribeca of Halo

tobacco vape

Tribeca can simply be described as RY4 Esaft, a blend of tobacco, caramel and vanilla, but with a version of the classic tobacco juice, Tribeca certainly has its own character. Notes of caramel and vanilla are very light, play a different role at the base of the tobacco, but are sufficiently present to keep the sweet taste. This is not pure tobacco for lovers, or for those who like a sweet mix, but it’s perfect for vapers somewhere between these two extremes. Juice Tiki Halo was the most votes tobacco flavor in my global e-juice survey, and Halo has done very well in my survey of the best e-juice provider, but it’s safe to say that Tribeca is gone its most popular flavor. Although only a handful of votes obtained, it is one of the best e-liquids known in the tobacco market, and many rank it as the best vapor tobacco juice you can find.

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