Why Vaping Tastes Like Burning (Burnt)? Check Top 10 Tips

In a minute, you’re in the new cloud. Explode clouds and enjoy your favourite e-juice and wonder how it could be better. Then the magic suddenly disappeared. You take a big tear and it burns your throat and it has a deadly taste! The good news is that Vape should not be like this. Burnt hits are one of the worst things a Vape can do. It can ruin your day and, worse, stop many people from Vaping. Fortunately, these unpleasant blows can be avoided.

Let’s take a look at some of the main causes of burns and how to prevent them.

  1. Old Coils

Vaping Tastes Like Burning

If your vaporizer tastes like a burn, the first question should be, “How old is my coils head?” Suppose your Vape already worked the way it should, you probably have an old or burnt coil. No matter how much you like to go, you should never burn your throat and taste like burnt cotton. Simply replace your burned coil with a new one.

  1. Prime Time

Preparing the coils heads also helps to avoid future hits with the burnt taste. First, install your coil and a few drops of e-liquid in the holes of the wick. Fill your tank and let the coil sit inside for half an hour. It sounds long, but it will maximize your performance and help you not hurry.

  1. Take Your Time

Start at the lowest setting, increase it by a few watts per breath until you find your optimum. Finally, find the setting that has just the right balance of warmth and taste to your liking.

  1. Go down to the Watt!

If you still have a burnt taste in your Vape, try to reduce the performance of your Vape. A general rule is that the higher the ohm, the lower the watt and vice versa. If you spend too much energy on your coil, you will probably end up with a burned coil. You can calculate your own watts and optimal settings using Ohm’s Law or by reading the recommended values ​​usually given on the coil or in the manual. The general rule is to vaporize the taste. As long as you know you are in a good place.

  1. Take Control

Temperature control can be useful to prevent blows and burns. With a temperature regulator with nickel, titanium or stainless steel spirals, you can limit the exact temperature of your vaporizer.

  1. The Juice Is Owed

If you still get a flavoured vapour and follow all of the above steps, this could just be your juice. It may contain too much VG for your device as it is thicker than PG. Experiment with a lower VG, a higher PG E-Liquid, until you find the right balance for your device. Sometimes the e-liquid that uses too much sweetener can destroy your locks and cause dry and burnt flavours.

  1. 43% Burned

A common cause of burns is when your coil has a hot spot that can partially cause red light. It’s a very naughty and mean Vape! Hot spots can give you a burnt metallic taste, even if your wicks are completely saturated. And you cannot see a burnt point in your eyelashes because they are still completely saturated. Even if your wicks show no signs of burning, remove them. This terrible taste can stay in your locks. Then blend them, pulsing your coils evenly with tweezers or “strumming” them gently with a small screwdriver (or making sure they are not part of the inside of the atomizer).

  1. Difficult Wick

Many reusable atomizers, especially RTAs, can be a little complicated for the wick. If you do not use enough cotton or absorbent material, a leak can occur. However, if you put too much into the holes of the wick, you will have an unexpected taste of burned vapours. Talk to people who have the same sprayer as you and find the method that suits you best. Generally, you will find the perfect centre, but all atomizers have specific needs. Experiment with more cotton or less cotton until you find the perfect amount of your setup. But if you continue to do the same and expect different results, it would be … well, you know.

  1. Keep These Roles Sexy

This is one of the common causes of a sore throat. Keep your coils cool and change your wicks once a week to avoid unpleasant burns. You can disassemble your atomizer and rinse the coils with hot water or an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the dirt. If your coils are charred or look extremely dark after cleaning, they should be replaced.

  1. Death To Burnt Hits

Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of burnt taste is a combination of some of the above, so use it for reference. If you follow all the steps, it is likely that you will not get beatings soon. If you still have a burn, leave a comment. At this point, you need to understand and prevent the different causes of the recordings. Vaping should be delicious, so if you have a burnt taste, something is not right. Do not be discouraged by switching to a more pleasant and safer alternative to smoking. Many people who are new to Vaping may not realize that they should not burn their throats. Vaping does not smoke, and it may take a while to get used to the Vape. Once you’ve overcome it, there’s a whole world of new flavours to discover. Vape, but never accept the burnt taste!

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