How to Use Push Button Vape Pens?

As the market for Cannabis rapidly expands, the opportunities for related industries such as for vape pens and mods are not too far away from witnessing a boom. Vaping caught popularity with cannabis usage. With more people interested in trying the plant, but in a somewhat safe way, vaping was the undeniable option laid out for them. The simplicity in design and usage, along with enhanced efficiency of the experience, were some of the most significant characteristics that gathered ample attention to this practice.

Modern vape pens exhibit high efficiency, ease of use, more control over usage, and most of all, portability. Vape mods and pens come in stylish new designs to accommodate the expectations of the users with features such as temperature control and removable parts, that are quite impressive. These features have helped increase the scope of usage with various other herbs too.

The interest in vaping is growing fast, and some statistics suggest that over 80% of the millennial generation has tried some form of vaping. No doubt that a Pot for Pot lovers and the pens for vapers must be of utmost quality. But even with such interest and expansion in the industry with easy new designs, only a few know how to use vape pens. Large groups of people are confused about how to use vape pens correctly, which keeps them from picking up a device for their personal use. So here is a how-to-use guide for push-button vape pens, that will help you understand how to use these vape pens at home.

The line of push-button vapes pens

Among the first few designs that emerged in vape pens is the push button style. It is to date a popular choice among users across the world. The simplicity of the design, as compared to complex modern options with multiple settings, makes it the perfect choice for novice beginners. It delivers the best experience from vaping without having to struggle much with settings and controls. It offers a standard experience for users that can be a first step towards exploring vaping further. Inhaling from a standard design such as a push-button pen is rather simple, and preparing the device is also relatively easy, especially in the case of disposable vape pens.

The various styles of vape pen you can explore

Knowing the different types of vape pens opens up options for you to explore.

  1. Wax Vape pens: These vaporizers heat the wax into vapor using a concentrate. The vapors are strong, and these pens are most suitable for cannabis concentrates, CBD oils. It uses a coil-based heating system to offer high efficiency. These are also known as dab pens and are sometimes compatible with dry herb vaping too.
  1. Dry herb vapes pens: If you like to smoke dry buds of cannabis or other herbs, then this system is the best choice. The vaporizer heats the system efficiently and safely vaporizes the herbs as compared to smoking. The residue is comparatively less in this method, and you can safely dispose of the remains. Choose one for yourself according to your needs and budget from the best flower vapes.
  1. Refillable vape pens: This style of vape pens comes with a tank which you need to fill up with e-juices and concentrates and reused. Using high concentration juices ensures you enjoy the best experience from this type of device.
  1. Cartridge vape pens: Cartridge style vape pens need replacing of the cartridge after use. Instead of refilling, you will require a new cartridge replacement, and the efficiency is similar to that of refillable pens.

Preparing for use

Before you begin vaping, you need to set up your pen. If you are a first time user, then start by checking the battery levels and calibration of the device. Charge the device as instructed in the manual and load the cartridge or e-juice based on your pen`s design.

 Be careful with your choice of e-juices. Stick to high quality concentrates and oil for your first experience to ensure you thoroughly enjoy it. Also look for mild concentrates if possible, especially for cannabis to get a grip of using the pens before you begin regular use. Try to find concentrates without too many chemicals to ensure there are no harmful side effects from vaping them.

Loading into the chamber

If your push-button pen has a wax chamber, then make sure you follow the instruction to load it properly. Use your fingers to load the wax into the chamber to remove any excess concentrate from the surface. You can alternatively make use of a dab tool. Open the chamber and place the oil or wax of your choice.

Follow a similar process to refill your tank with dry herbs or concentrates or place the cartridge in the right segment as per the design of the vape pen. Now power on your device to check if the system starts to heat up.

Heating and Inhaling

In general, there are two different styles of push-button vape pens available. If your vape pen is automatic, you only need to load the cartridge and push the button for the heating process to start. The pen keeps vapors ready to inhale as soon as you push the button. But some are partially manual and require a few button presses to initiate the process. The trick, in this case, is to heat the elements slowly to achieve the best experience. This type of pen could be the best choice for beginners to have control over the process, especially when trying out new concentrates or oils. Typically, these pens activate with five clicks, and some pens enable the user to modify this to three clicks.

There are also push and hold, type of devices to initiate vapor. Use your user manual to understand how long you need to hold the button. Here the first push activates the device whereas pushing down for longer helps you draw, and finally you release the button to finish the process.

Once your device is activated, you are ready to inhale the vapors. Always start with a few primer puffs, especially when you use it for the first time after a cartridge change, to make sure that the system is heating the oil well. Garb the mouthpiece and create a tight seal around it to ensure the vapors don’t escape. Activate the push button and take short puffs of 3 to 5 seconds each. Keep them in for 2 seconds before you exhale it slowly. Evaluate the puff in terms of flavor and sensation. If you feel the concentrate is too intense or is leaving a burning sensation, you might need to adjust the temperature settings.

Disposable vape pens for beginners

Disposable push-button vape pens are the perfect place to start your vaping experience. They come with pre-installed cartridge and temperature settings and are straightforward to use. They help deliver the best experience from using a new oil or cartridge and give you an idea of how amazing vaping can be. You can also explore various other styles of vape pens with time, especially the ones designed for CBD oils. These simple systems offer an amazing experience of the herbs and Cannabis in a way you have never witnessed before.

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