CoilART MAGE BOX Tricker Kit Review

I am a fan of the mechanical mod and some have fixed me as it does on a good mod mech. I’m also a fan of mod Hexohm and bought three. For me, the Hexohm feels somehow mechanically regulated and is a simple workhorse with gobs of power. It should not come as a surprise that I was very happy to have my gloves on the new MAGE BOX Kit CoilART Tricker. The Tricker Mage kit includes the box and corresponding RDA in your choice of black or silver. The selling price of the kit is 120 bucks (cheaper than a hex and contains Mage RDA). Very similar to a Hexohm, 18650 dual adjustable series model with the Mage box of aluminum and the output of the Mage box is selected by a potentiometer on the front panel – up to 250 watts.

CoilART MAGE BOX Tricker Kit Review

Kit Content & Specifications

MAGE BOX mod Size: 25 mm x 35 mm (with the drip-tip) Size: 88mm x 55mm x 24.5mm
RDA MAGE Material: brass Material: aluminum
CoilART Vape-Band Gold plated 24K case Output voltage: 03/05 to 06/06 V
Replacement screws 510 pin (24K gold plated) Output power: 250-W max
O-rings Resistance range: 0.08 ohm minimum
Screwdriver Battery: Two 18650 (30 Amp/min)
Instruction card

First Impression

Right out of the box, the first thing I notice is the logo. I am a simple man of taste and found the wolf logo is a bit much. Maybe if it was painted black, I would feel different, but it is. The box has a good weight and is shorter and rugged than the Hexohm. It feels good in the hand and the black surface is smooth and free from stains. I’m afraid that the front plate with mirror will be a fingerprint magnet and scratches but LEDs is easily visible behind.

Black brass MAGE RDA perfectly matches with the mod and the lid has a coil style and three slots logo, two opposing grooves for double coils, and the third configuration of the slot on a single coil. The RDA also takes Goon dripping tips. The LED indicators will flash five times on and off plus the LED will also give a state of the battery when the mod is activated and you press the fire button. The MAGE BOX also has a waiting time of 10 seconds. When the five lights are lit then it means the battery is fully charged.


It’s time to make Vape. Yah! I started by RDA MAGE Clapton with two coils of 3 mm as well as 6-wrap and the resistance was 0.5 Ω. The RDA uses a horizontal configuration of the post hole. With two new loaded batteries in BOX MAGE installed, I bring the RDA MAGE juice, click 5 times on the LED. I set the potentiometer about half way and about half of the MAGE BOX output voltage (about 5 volts), which lead the Clapton from 0.5Ω to about 50 watts and this was a good starting point for me. I pushed the button and took my first Vape and realized why everyone loved Vaping. BOX MAGE easily hit the great Clapton and received a thick cloud of Vapor with an excellent flavor.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful Front panel with mirror
Excellent performance Logos
Define and pleasant finish Screwdriver
Small size RDA deck Non-velocity
A good weight
Clickable button
Battery indicator

Long story short – Summary

As expected, the Hexohm, MAGE Tricker BOX kit is an excellent choice. The RDA MAGE works very well, and gave me a good taste and a lot of dense vapor, only note that MAGE BOX atomizers accept only up to 24.5 mm without exceeding. I probably prefer the RDA MAGE and I can live with it, but can you?

Some minor negative points for me are the logos and small screws. I don’t mind the Logo of CoilART on a panel, but the other panel with the howling wolf is a little higher for me. And the screening risk OCD crew issue problem.

Ultimately, this is a model without frills as well as high-voltage mod. This set feels like a good deal compared to my dear Hexohm even at full retail. It is not perfect, but after use, I think the performance far exceeds then the other things.

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